History 101 Syllabus

United States History 1 Spring 2011

Instructor: Joseph Domitrovich Phone: 673 7000 (Extended Day)

E-Mail: j_domitrovich@yahoo.com

Class Meeting: M-W 2:00- 3:15 Red Mountain 313

Text A People and a Nation, Norton, et al


Qualified , self-identified students with documented disabilities have the right to free accommodations to ensure access to educational opportunities at Truckee Meadows Community College. For assistance, contact TMCC’s Disability Resource Center at 775 673 7277, TTY 775 673 7888 or come by Red Mountain Room 315.

Course Description: Survey of U.S. political, social, economic, diplomatic and cultural history from colonial times to the end of the Civil War. Satisfies the United States Constitution requirement.

Grading: Grades will be determined by the following:

A. First Mid-term 100 points

B. Second Mid-term 100 points

C. Final Exam 100 points

D. TwoYou Are There Assignments @ 50 pts 100 points

E. Federalism/States Rights Paper 100 points


Total 500 points

Grades will be figured on a percentage of total points received from the total points possible. The following scale will be used:

A 92 – 100 C+ 78 – 79 D- 60 - 61

A- 90 – 91 C 72 – 77 F 59 and below

B+ 88 – 89 C- 70 – 71

B 82 – 87 D+ 68 - 69

B- 80 – 81 D 62 – 67

No incompletes will be given.

In accordance with TMCC policies, a final grade of F may be assigned if your work is unsatisfactory or incomplete. If you need/want to withdraw, you must do so before the published deadline. If you do not withdraw by the deadline and stop coming to class, I MUST give you a grade of F.

College Conduct: Students are expected to exhibit the highest standards of social conduct in the classroom at all times. Talking out of turn, sleeping during class, listening to MP3 players or other personal devices, using profanity, arriving late, leaving early, showing intolerance toward others, attempting to influence the agenda of the class and other such behavior will not be tolerated and are grounds for administrative withdrawal from the class. The same standards apply to writing assignments. In writing assignments, use of the author’s ideas, or words without proper credit (whether quoted directly or paraphrased, intentionally or accidentally) constitutes plagiarism and will result in failure for the class and possible expulsion from the college.

Proper behavior in class is expected at all times. Disrespect toward other students or to the instructor will not be tolerated. Repeated offenses will be grounds for administrative withdrawal. Let common sense and good manners be your guide. I promise to do my best to treat each of you with respect. I expect/demand the same of you.

Coming to class late is disruptive to the class and disrespectful toward the class and the instructor. Sometimes, it cannot be helped and it is better to come late than not at all, but make every effort to

get to class on time. If you do have to come late, try to be as unobtrusive as possible. Sit in the closest open seat to the door. If you have to leave class early, please let me know ahead of time and sit as close to the door as possible. Having a class at UNR is not a reason for arriving late or leaving early.

Vacations, job-related trips, etc: If you must miss class for such activities, notify me as far in advance as possible. These misses count toward your four allowable misses. If they put you over, you will lose points on your final grade. Also, any deadlines that come due when you are out are still deadlines. Therefore, to get full credit for assignments that come due while you are gone, you must turn them in before you leave. Any assignments turned in via email that I cannot open count as not being turned in.

**** BEEPERS, CELL PHONES, BEEPING WATCHES AND OTHER NOISE-MAKING DEVIDES:: TURN THEM OFF BEFORE THE START OF CLASS. Interupting class with such devices is rude and will not be tolerated. If your cell phone goes off, excuse yourself, take your books, etc, go out into the hall to return the call and come back to class the next session. If the call is important enough to interrupt class, it is important enough to answer. If the "silent" feature is loud enough for me to hear, it is loud enough for you to leave class to answer.

Mid-Terms & Final Exam: The exams will consist of two parts. An essay component will be due before the test date. The objective part will be in class and will consist of multiple choice, matching, chronological order, short answer and/or fill-in-the-blank questions. The exams will not be cumulative.

Late Assignments: Any assignment not turned in by the start of the class it is due may be turned in by the START of the next scheduled class for a one letter grade reduction. If it is turned in by the START of the SECOND class day after it is due, it will receive a MAXIMUM score of 50%. After the second class day, it will receive a ZERO. If you submit via email I must receive it by the START of the class it is due. If you do this, you are taking a chance. If, for ANY reason, I do not receive it or cannot open your email or attachment, it will count as being late. Therefore, if you do submit an assignment via email you should bring a paper copy to the next class. It will still be late, but only one class day late rather than two (If it is the first class day after it was due.)

Make-up exams: All make-up exams must be taken in Red Mountain 315. You do not have to make an appointment. Just come to the counter in 315 with a picture i.d., identify yourself as a student in my class. They will administer the exam. You have to COMPLETE the exam within one week of the START of the class in which you were to take the exam.

Attendance: I want to help you to do your best in this class. You cannot do that if you do not come to class. After your FOURTH miss I will deduct two points from your final average for every missed class. Coming to class late or leaving class early counts as one-half of an absence. Having another class before or after this one is no excuse for coming to class late or leaving early. Having a job is also no excuse There are no exceptions to the four misses rule.

TMCC offers a student academic support program that includes study skills, tutoring services and help in writing. See section 4.2 in the student handbook. Please make use of these services. Do not wait until it is too late.

The TMCC Library is also a great place to get help on papers. They are very glad to help you. In fact, Neil Siegel and John Fitzsimmons helped develop the You Are There Questions, and the Federalism/States Rights Paper so they might be especially helpful.

I am usually in or around the TMCC Library at least half an hour before class. If you have a question or just want to chat, stop by. If you cannot find me, ask at the Reference Desk.