Federalism or States Rights Paper Assignment

Federalism or States Rights Paper

Topic: You will make an argument for EITHER federalism OR states rights. You will make use of appropriate legislation, Supreme Court cases AND political philosophical arguments. YOUR PAPER MUST INCLUDE EACH OF THESE THREE AREAS. Issues to tackle are civil rights, income taxes, secession, nullification, tariffs, the philosophy of Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton, the arguments made during the Constitutional Convention and the battle for ratification of the Constitution.

Length: Six to eight pages, 16 point font, single spaces, one inch margins. You may print on both sides of the pages. The length does not include title page, your name, my name, the date, the name of the class, your mother’s birth date or your citation page.

You must use at least three different sources. You may not use Wikipedia or your text. You must cite your sources.

Please make use of reference librarians John Fitzsimmons and Neil Siegel. I made use of them in the making of this assignment, therefore, they are familiar with the sources on hand in our library. I tried to narrow your search in the instructions. John and Neil can narrow it even more for you and direct you to appropriate sources. They will allow you to greatly reduce your time spent on this assignment.