The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary   (Vince Lombardi)
CH 202 The Modern World Fall 2014

Instructor  Joseph Domitrovich
Phone   673-7000
Office hours  By appointment
Class Meetings
  •  CH 202 10022 Mon – Wed 11:00 A.M. – 12:15 P.M. Red Mountain  312
  •   CH 202 1003 Mon – Wed 12:30 – 1:45 P.M.  Vista   303 
  •   Online
  • Experiencing Humanities vol II (Matthews, et all, 8th edition)
  • Readings to Accompany Experiencing Humanities vol II (Matthews, et all, 8th edition)
ADA Notice:
  • Qualified, self-identified students with documented disabilities have the right to free accommodations to ensure equal access to educational opportunities at Truckee Meadows Community College.  For assistance, contact TMCC’s Disabled Resource Center at 775-673-7277.  TTY   775-673-7888.  Come by the office at Red Mountain Building room 315.
Course Description: Analyzes Europe’s legacy in shaping world ideas, institutions, and cultures.  Includes Renaissance; Reformation: Enlightenment; Romanticism; development of science and industry,; political revolutions; colonialism; postcolonialism; globalization.

Grading Policy: Grades will be based on the following
a. You Are There Papers (2 @ 50 pts. each)   100 pts.
b. Questions From the Readings (3 sets @ 25 pts each)   75 pts.
c. Compare and Contrast Paper       50 pts.
d. Three Sets of Essay Questions (@ 25 pts. each)    75 pts.
e. Exams (three @ 100 pts each)    300 pts
Total Points 600 poin
There will be no extra credit in this class.   My philosophy is that the effort put into an extra credit assignment would be better be spent on the assignments.
Grades will be figured on a percentage of points earned compared to points possible.
The grading scale is as follows:
  • A 93 – 100; A- 90 -92  
  • B+ 88 -89; B 83 – 87; B- 80 – 82 
  • C+ 78 0 79; C 73 0 77; C- 70 – 72
  • D 62 0 67; D+ 68 – 69; D- 60 - 62 
  • F 59 and below
Deadlines: In this class, deadlines are NON-NEGOTABLE. Being absent does not change due dates for assignments.  

In-person classes: Assignments will be turned in by the START of YOUR class the day they are due.  Assignments turned in late by the START of the first day after they are due will be graded and assessed a one full letter grade reduction.  Assignments turned in after the start of the first day after they are due and by the START of YOUR second class after they are due will be graded and receive a MAXIMUM of 50%. 

Online class:  Assignments will be turned in by 11:55 P.M. on the day they are due.    Assignments turned in up to 48 hours after the deadline will be graded and have a one full letter grade reduction.  Assignments turned in between 48 and 96 hours late will receive a maximum score of 50%.
Attendance In-person class: I want to help you do as well as you can in this class.   I cannot do that if you are not in class.  To encourage you to come to class, everyone gets four absences.  For every missed class after that, NO MATTER WHY, there will be a two point reduction in the final semester average.  Coming to class late or leaving class early, no matter how late or how early, counts as one-half of an absence.
Having another class before or after this class is NOT an excuse for coming late or leaving early.  If you have a schedule conflict, resolve it.  There are many other CH202 classes, including online classes.

Make-up Exams 
In-person class:  If you miss an exam, you have ONE WEEK from the START of YOUR class to have made it up.  I will place the exam in Red Mountain 315.  You do not have to make arrangements with me to make up the exam.  Just go into room 315 and ask for the exam.   You will need a picture id to get the exam.    You will sit at a table by yourself.  You will not answer your cell phone or have ANY electronic device out during the exam.  You will not communicate with anyone until you turn in the exam.  You will have nothing on the table other than the exam and a writing utensil.
Online class:  Since the exam is available online and there is no time limit, the exams must be finished by the deadline.
In accordance with TMCC policy, I may issue a plus or minus grade.

You may fail the class in the event that you turn in work that is unsatisfactory or incomplete or if you do not withdraw by the deadline for the term.

Course Description: Successful students will demonstrate the ability to
1. Understand more fully the meaning of American identities through the studying of European traditions so influential in shaping them. 
2. Gain knowledge of significant historical highlights of European Civilization after 1650.
3. Gain an understanding of the legacy of recent Western behavior, beliefs, ideas and values.
4. Develop the ability to trace the original sources of world views and ideologies still evident in Western culture.
5. Grow in the ability to understand the sources of conflict and differences among diverse cultures.
Learning Outcomes
1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the achievements and contributions of political figures, philosophers, religious leaders, and artists significant in establishing the foundations of Western culture.
2. Demonstrate the ability to recognize and trace the development and manifestations of a major theme, concept, or issue through the cultural products, social configurations, political ideologies, and religious beliefs characteristic of Western culture.
3. Demonstrate growth in analytic and critical thinking skills through the ability to identify and explore the relationship between a society’s values and the aesthetic, social, and political expression of those values.

Statement of Academic Dishonesty
In writing assignments, the use of an author’s IDEAS or WORDS without proper citation (whether quoted directly or paraphrased, intentionally or not) constitutes plagiarism and will result in failure grade and possible expulsion from the college.

College Conduct Students are expected to exhibit the highest standards of conduct in the classroom.  This includes not just during the time of the class, but also from the time the student enters the classroom until the time the student exits the classroom.  Talking out of turn, interrupting others, sleeping in class, texting, surfing the internet, using a cell phone, making disrespectful comments toward other students or the teacher, using profanity in the classroom, coming to class late and leaving early, showing intolerance toward others, attempting to influence the agenda of the class and other such behaviors will not be tolerated and are grounds for administrative withdrawal from the class. The listing of these actions and behaviors does not exclude other disruptive behavior.

Be courteous and treat the others in the classroom as you would like to be treated.  If you are in doubt as to whether something is appropriate, it is best to err on the side of caution.

In-person class: Coming to class late is disruptive and disrespectful and rude.  Having said that, sometimes it cannot be helped.  If you must arrive late, enter the classroom as quietly as possible and sit in the row closest to the door.  If you know that you will have to leave class early, let me know before class and sit in the row closest to the door so that you may leave as quietly as possible.

TURN OFF ALL ELECTRONIC DEVICES, INCLUDING CELL PHONES BEFORE THE START OF CLASS.   If your cell phone or other electronic device goes off in class, you WILL immediately leave class, taking your books, etc. with you.  You will come back to class the next meeting.  If this happens too often, you will be administratively withdrawn from the class.

Exams There will be three exams during the semester –two mid-terms and a final.                                                                

If you need or want to talk to me, we can make an appointment.  The best time would be between 10 and 10:45 A.M. on Monday and Wednesday.  I am usually in the Library during that time.

Truckee Meadows offers a student academic support program that includes help in study skills, tutoring services and help in writing papers.   See section 4 in your Student Handbook.  There is no charge for these services.  It is included in your tuition. 

The Library will host the Writing and Math Tutoring Center.  Please consult with the Library Staff regarding the scheduled hours.

Also, Neil Seigel and John Fitzsimmons, Reference Librarians, were involved in structuring the writing assignments for this class.  They are great sources to help you in preparing these assignments.  They are very happy to help you.

Important Dates Make certain you are aware of these dates, especially the last one.  If you do not withdraw by the last date, we MUST give you whatever grade you have at the end of the semester with zeros for all assignments and exams you miss. PLEASE finish the course.  You, or someone paid for it.

  •  August 29  Last day to withdraw from a class for 100% refund
  • September 12  Last day to withdraw from a class for 50% refund.
  • October 29  Last day to withdraw from a Spring Semester class