Second Assignment Sheet

Second Assignment Sheet CH 202 Spring 2014

Tentative Dates

These dates are TENTATIVE.  Changes may be announced in class.  If that happens, you are responsible for knowing the changes.  Being absent is no excuse.  All assignments are due at the START of class on the day they are due

First Assignment Sheet Spring 2014

These dates are TENTATIVE.  Any changes will be announced in class AND put on the web page.  Students are responsible for f knowing the changes.  Being absent or coming to class late or leaving class early is no excuse for not knowing any changes.

Friday              Jan 31              Last day to w/d for 100% refund

Wednesday      Feb 12             1st You Are There                     

Mon     Apr 14 2nd Set of Essay Questions      

Monday           Feb 24             1st Quest from Readings                   2nd Exam

Wednesday      March 5           1st Set of Essay Questions     

Mon Apr 21 3rd Quest from Readings   First Exam                               

Mon     Apr 28 Compare and Contrast Paper            

Wednesday      March 12         2nd Questions from Readings  Wed     

Monday           March 31         2nd You Are There 

May 14 3rd Set of Essay Questions                 Final Exam



Monday           March 10                     Chapter 16      

                                                            Readings:        Galileo, Descartes


Wednesday      March 12                     Finish Chapter 16  The Scientific Revolution

                                                            Reading: Hobbes and Locke

                                                            Chapter 17

                                                            2nd Questions from Readings


Monday           March 17                     No class                       Have a SAFE and fun break.


Wednesday      March 19                     Be safe.


Monday           March 24                     Finish Chapter 17

                                                            Readings:  Mary Wollstonecraft,  Rousseau



Wednesday      March 26                     Chapter 18                   Chapter 15

                                                            Reading:  Mary Shelley  Chapter IV


Monday           March 31                     Finish Chapter 18

                                                            2nd You Are There Paper


Wednesday      April 2                         Begin Chapter 19  Age of Revolutions

                                                            Karl Marx


Monday           April 7                         Continue French Revolution

                                                            Reading:  Charles Dickens


Wednesday      April 9                         Chapter 19

                                                            Reading:  Henry David Thoreau


Monday           April 14                       Essay Questions for Second Exam

                                                            Second Exam