Assignment Sheet - Fall 2014

These dates are TENTATIVE.  Any changes will be announced in class AND put on the web page.  Students are responsible for f knowing the changes.  Being absent or coming to class late or leaving class early is no excuse for not knowing any changes.

  • Friday Aug 29 Last day to w/d for 100% refund     
  • Monday Sept 15 1st You Are There
  • Mon Sept 22 1st Quest from Readings
  • Mon Sept 29 1st Set of Essay Questions
  • Wednesday Oct 1 First Exam
  • Monday Oct 13 Second You Are There Paper
  • Monday October 20 2nd Questions from Readings 
  • Wed Oct 29  Last day to withdraw from class
  • Mon Nov 3 Compare and Contrast Paper
  • Mon Nov 10  2nd Essay Quest.
  • Wed Nov 12 Second Exam
  • Wed Nov 19   3rd Set of Questions from Readings
  • Wed Nov 26   3rd Set of Essay Questions
  • Wed Dec 10 Final Exam


Monday Aug 25 Introduction and Expectations

Wednesday Aug 27 Introduction and Expectations

Friday August 29 Last Day to Withdraw for 100% Refund

Monday Sept 1 Labor Day   No classes

Wednesday Sept 3 Library Tour – Meet at Reference Desk in the Library.

This counts as a day of attendance.

Monday Sept 8 Chapter 12

From Readings – Giovani Pico Del Mirandola, 

Wednesday Sept 10 Continue Chapter 12

From Readings: Leon Batista Alberti

Friday September 12 Last day to receive 50% refund for withdrawal

Monday Sept 15 Finish Chapter 12

Begin Chapter 13 The High Renaissance

First You Are There Paper Due by the start of class

Wednesday Sept 17 Finish Chapter 13 The High Renaissance

From Readings: Machiavelli, all selections and Michelangelo (all selections)

Monday Sept 22 Begin Chapter 14 The Reformation

From Readings: Erasmus

      First Set of Questions from the Readings

Wednesday Sept 24 Finish Chapter 14

From Readings: Thomas More and Martin Luther

Monday Sept 29 Chapter 15 The Baroque Age I

      First Set of Essay Questions


Wednesday Oct 1 Turn in First Exam  

Monday October 6 Chapter 16

Readings: Galileo, Descartes

Wednesday October 8 Finish Chapter 16  The Scientific Revolution

Reading: Hobbes and Locke

Monday October 13 Chapter 17

Second You Are There Paper

Wednesday October 15 Finish Chapter 17

Readings:  Mary Wollstonecraft,  Rousseau

Monday October 20 Chapter 18   Chapter 15

Reading:  Mary Shelley  Chapter IV

Second Set of Questions From Readings

Wednesday October 22 Finish Chapter 18

Monday October 27 Begin Chapter 19  Age of Revolutions

Karl Marx

Wednesday October 29 Continue French Revolution

Reading:  Charles Dickens

Monday November 3 Chapter 19

Reading:  Henry David Thoreau

Compare and Contrast Paper

Monday November 10 Second Set of Essay Questions.

Wednesday      November 12 Second Exam

Monday November 17 Begin Chapter 19

From Readings Chapter 19: Karl Marx, Frederick Douglas, 

      Sojourner Truth


Wednesday November 19 Finish Chapter 19

From Readings Chapter 20: 

Begin Chapter 20

Third Set of Questions from the Readings

Monday November 24 Finish Chapter 20

Readings from Chapter 20:  Frederick Nietzke, Franz Kafka

Wednesday November 26 Chapter 21

Readings from Chapter 21:  Elie Wiesel, Thomas Mann

Third Set of Essay Questions

Monday December 1 Chapter 22

Readings from Chapter 22:  Martin Luther King jr.,  Malcolm X

Wednesday December 3 Chapter 23

Monday December 8 Catch Up

Wednesday December 10 Final Exam