First Assignment Sheet

First Assignment Sheet CH 203 Fall 2011

Tentative Dates

These dates are TENTATIVE.  Changes may be announced in class.  If that happens, you are responsible for knowing the changes.  Being absent is no excuse.  All assignments are due at the START of class on the day they are due


Sept 2     Last day to withdraw for full refund.         Oct 17             Second You Are There Paper

Sept 12   First Artist, etc. Paper                              Oct 21            Last Day to w/d from Full Semester Class

Sept 16   Last day to withdraw for 50% refund         Nov 7              Second Critical Thinking Questions

Sept 19   First You Are There Paper                        Nov 14                        Second Exam             

Sept 28   First Compare & Contrast Paper               Nov 21                        2nd Artist, etc. Paper

Oct 5      First Set of Critical Thinking Questions       Nov 30                        2nd Compare & Contrast Paper

Oct 10    First Exam                                                  Dec 14             Final Exam                 


1 Monday        Aug 29             Class procedures, expectations & introductions


2 Wednesday   Aug 31             Chapter 2         (The Founding of New England)

                                                                        (Life in New England)

                                                Anth    William Bradford – Book II Chapter XII

                                                            Jonathon Edwards – Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God


FRIDAY          SEPT 2             LAST DAY FOR 100% REFUND      


3 Wednesday   Sept 7              Chapter 3

                                                Anth                Anne Bradstreet – To My Dear and Loving Husband


4 Monday        Sept 12             Chapter 4        

                                                Anth                Cotton Mather – A People of God in the Devil’s Territory

                                                First Artist, etc Paper Due by beginning of class today.


5 Wednesday   Sept 14            Chapter 5         Drive to Independence           

Anth                Thomas Paine Common Sense Intro & From III

                                                                        Thomas Jefferson – From the Declaration of Independence


FRIDAY          SEPT 16           LAST DAY FOR 50% REFUND


6 Monday        Sept 19               Chapter 6         American Revolution               First You Are There Assignment


7 Wednesday   Sept 21               Chapter 7         Move toward Constitution      

                                                Anth                Phillis Wheatley To His Excellency General Washington


8 Monday        Sept 26                    Continue Chapter 7     


9 Wednesday   Sept 28                    Finish Chapter 7

                                                First Compare & Contrast Paper


10 Monday      Oct 3                Begin Chapter 12         From Revival to Reform

                                                                                    Utopian Experiments


11 Wednesday Oct 5               Finish Chapter 12        Abolition/Women’s Rights

                                                First Set of Critical Thinking Questions Due at 8:00 A. M.


12  Monday     Oct 10             First Exam  covering reading assignments & notes