126 Syllabus

Math 126 Fall 2014                                                                          Dr. Gail Ferrell, Professor  

T, Th 2 – 3:15 pm,  room 120 Redfield Campus                                                                                                   

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Office: Redfield High Tech Center 101F                                          Phone: 775-850-4045

Redfield Campus  **Best way to contact me. e-mail: gferrell@tmcc.edu

Office Hours: T TH 11 am – noon, and  1- 2 pm

Website: https://sites.google.com/a/tmcc.edu/faculty-web-page-for-gail-ferrell-mathematics-professor/


Course Description: This is a course in the advanced level of algebra. It includes the study equations and inequalities involving radical, rational, quadratic and polynomial functions, their graphs and applications, Included is the study of rational, exponential and logarithmic functions, their graphs and applications of these functions and systems of linear equations.


Prerequisite: Prerequisite: A "C" or better in MATH 96 or 97 or test score placement AND Completion of ENG 98 or 101 or 102 or test score placement, or READ score of 76-85 with coreq ENG 98 and READ 135.


Textbook: Blitzer, PRECALCULUS, 4th Edition (Publisher is Prentice Hall)  With MyMathLab (Or you may purchase a stand-alone MML access code which gives you a printable or an electronic book)

Please bring your textbook with you to every class. If you use an electronic book, please bring your laptop.


Calculator: A TI-83 (or other) graphing calculator is required.  TI 83 calculators can be rented for $20 per semester in the Math Tutoring Center at TMCC in Vista B106. Calculator use is an important component of this course.



Attendance will be checked.  Students will be required to come to class on time.  Students who do not attend the first week will be dropped from the class by the instructor (see grading policy).  Additionally, I cannot re-teach lessons missed due to an absence.


 Cell phone use is strictly prohibited. At the beginning of class, turn off and store all cell phones for the duration of the class period.  PLEASE NO TEXTING!  MP3 players, iPod’s, CD players, cell phones, etc. are not allowed at any time. 


Students must obtain a TMCC e-mail account in order to receive e-mails from me regarding any updates or class cancellations due to weather (you can also check the TMCC website).  If sending me an e-mail, please include your first and last name, course,  meeting day and time.


Assessed Course Outcomes:


Outcome Statement 1: Students will demonstrate the ability to algebraically analyze functions.

Outcome Statement 2: Students will demonstrate the ability to graphically analyze functions

Outcome Statement 3: Students will demonstrate the ability to model real-life scenarios using functions.

Ability will be measured by exam questions, in class work, quizzes, and homework using predetermined Mathematics Department standards.


Course Objectives: Students will:

1. Solve equations and inequalities over the real numbers.

2. Analyze graphs and functions.

3. Apply concepts of functions to real-life applications.

4. Evaluate and solve problems using functions types of:

         Quadratic

         Polynomial

         Exponential 

         Logarithmic

         Rational

5. Solve a system of linear equations using matrices.


Academic Responsibilities:  You are responsible for your own learning and

·         Attending class regularly and on time

·         Meeting deadlines as specified by the instructor and in the course outline

·         Completing homework assignments, quizzes, and exams as specified in the course outline and MML

·         Reading the text before coming to class

·         Viewing the instructional videos before class

·         Solving the Pre-Class homework problems in MyMathLab

·         Participating in class discussions and activities

·         Getting help outside of class when you don’t understand something

·         Learning the necessary functions on your calculator

·         Determining the content of course material in the case of absence from class



Class Format


Student will do the following BEFORE each textbook section is exercised in class



Go to the Multimedia assignment in MyMathLab.

1.      View the Section Video Lectures for the textbook section. You may also view similar lectures from the Kahn Academy or any other online source.

2.      Read the text section in either the Multimedia Textbook or the hard copy textbook. Work all the EXAMPLE problems and checking your solutions in each section.

3.      (optional, unless you are behind) View the Power Point for the textbook section. You can find the Power Point for each textbook section in the Multimedia Library in MyMathLab.


Section Video Lectures: These videos are as close as you can get to being in the classroom. The author of the textbook will appear in front of a whiteboard to explain a concept or example. These are excellent for those students who need to see the problem being worked out step by step! Click on the blue link for the video you would like to see. Interactive Concept Check videos will require you to participate by solving a problem and clicking on your answer on the screen. It will let you know if you get it right or wrong and then work through the problem. The regular Lecture Video will not require your participation.


Power Point (available in the Multi Media Library in My Math Lab): This will open Power Point presentations on available subjects. If you have a pop up blocker, you will need to left click on the yellow bar at the top and then click Download File. It will then ask you to open, save, or cancel: click on the open tab. Once the presentation opens, you will need to left click on the mouse to move through the slides.


 Multimedia Textbook: This will open the online version of the textbook. Select which section you would like to open from the blue links available. If you have a pop up blocker, you will need to click on the Click Here link. Notice: if you roll your mouse over a Video icon, your mouse pointer will turn into a hand. You can click on the icon to see a video example similar to the ones you see in the book (the video will again be the author in front of the whiteboard). You can also click on the You Try It or Exercises icons to open up a new window that will allow you to practice similar problems and get help if you need it. Note: to change pages, click on the green Back or Forward tabs at the top of the screen or click the white arrows left and right. You can also skip to a page by typing in the page number you would like to open. You can find the Textbook in the Multimedia Library in MyMathLab.


 Animation: These are videos that explain a topic or work through examples. Unlike the Section Video Lectures, they do not have a whiteboard or person lecturing. You will just hear a voice and the screen will continually update.


II. Prep Section Homework:


Prep Section Homework will be administered through MML.  Prep Section Homework is due by 2 pm the day the text section is due AS LISTED IN THE COURSE OUTLINE. For example, if section 2.2 is scheduled for Tuesday, the Prep Section Homework is due Tuesday by 2 pm. If section 2.3 is scheduled for Thursday, the Prep Section Homework is due Thursday by 2 pm. There are three attempts per Prep Section Homework set.


In order to complete the Prep homework assignment, you will need to score 100% on the Multimedia assignment for the corresponding textbook section.


It is optional to attempt the homework problems listed in MyMathlab before class, however it is recommended.




Students will come prepared to solve problems. Students should have already worked all Prep Homework (Prep HW) and made one attempt at the Homework (HW) problems from the list in MyMathLab. Students will work in small groups on problems in class.





Homework will be administered through MML.  You will have homework for every textbook section. The due date on the homework is before the semester ends, however you must score 70% or higher on the homework in order to access the corresponding quiz due every Sunday. Homework not completed by the day prior to the Final Exam date will earn a zero grade.


Some benefits to using MML:

1. For each attempt, you receive immediate feedback.

2. Repetition of homework offers you the opportunity to master concepts and skills and improve score.

3. Print the assignments and enter the answers later, allowing you to do the homework anywhere.    Useful if you do not have a computer at home.

4. You have 24/7 access to guided solution, video lectures, and test preparation videos.

5. Access to your grade book to see your scores on assignments at any time.   



Quizzes will be administered through MML.  You will have weekly quizzes throughout the semester with 1 attempt for a perfect score.  Quizzes not submitted by the stated due date are late and will receive a zero; no exceptions.  These quizzes will be based on the homework problems and concepts covered the week prior to the quiz due date.  Since these are quizzes, I cannot answer questions until after the due date. Quizzes are due by Sunday by midnight weekly.


In addition to needing a minimum score of 70% or better on the Homework for the corresponding sections to access a quiz, students will also be required to answer Mastery Points questions where the student was not proficient in the corresponding homework. Therefore you may need additional time to prepare for a quiz prior to taking a quiz.



There will be 2 tests given during the semester plus a comprehensive departmental final.  The 3 tests will be taken in MML, on laptop computers in class. You may NOT bring your own laptop for testing.  MISSED EXAMS WILL be replaced with the same grade you earn on the Final Exam. All exams must be taken on the scheduled day and time.  You will not get extra time if you show up late for an exam.  I will not provide a calculator for you and you may not share calculators on an exam.  


Grading:  Your final grade will be determined as follows:

Prep Homework + Homework = 10%

Quizzes =    10%

Tests          =   40%

Final          =    40%


A: 90 - 100%              B: 80 - 89%             C: 70 - 79%             D: 60 - 69%              F: 0% - 59%


I cannot e-mail grades!  If you have questions regarding your grade, please see me in person.

The W mark shall indicate only that the student did not complete a course and must be initiated by the student.  Students may withdraw themselves from classes on or prior to the cut-off date.


Ethics Statement: No cheating of any kind will be tolerated. Any student caught cheating; attempting to cheat or assisting in the cheating of another student will receive a failing grade, F.

TMCC's Americans with Disability Act (ADA) statement: Any student who feels s/he may need an accommodation based on the impact of a disability should contact me privately to discuss your specific need and contact the Disability Resource Center at 775-673-7277 in RDMT 315 to coordinate reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities

Student Classroom Conduct Statement:

Truckee Meadows Community College encourages all students to pursue academic studies and other college sponsored activities that promote intellectual growth and personal development. Students are responsible for complying with University and Community College System of Nevada (UCCSN) and college guidelines.

TMCC has an obligation to maintain conditions under which the work of the college can go forward freely, in accordance with the highest standards of quality, institutional integrity and freedom of expression. These standards, procedures for reporting infractions, and processes for addressing complaints and allegations are available on the TMCC web site, college catalog (appendix L) and the office of the associate dean of students (RDMT 327, 673-7114).


Covert videoing is prohibited (Title 4, Chapter 1, Section 21: The use of covert video surveillance for anything other than a criminal investigation on the campuses of the Nevada System of Higher Education is prohibited. If, in a criminal investigation, such video surveillance is used, it must be approved by the President or the President's designee. This policy shall not interfere with the legitimate use of videotaping for academic purposes.


Free Tutoring:

1. Drop-in and group assistance at the Math Center located at the Main Campus, Vista Building B106.  Tel: 674-7517. Hours are posted.  See website for more information: http://www.tmcc.edu/tutoring/.

2. Free online tutoring available at smarthinking.com See: www.tmcc.edu/tutoring/online/

3. MyMathLab also has free online and phone tutoring.


Instructor Course Evaluations

When Instructor Course Evaluations become available, you will receive an invitation in your TMCC email with a link to complete the evaluation. You can also complete the evaluations through Canvas. Please be sure you keep your contact information in MyTMCC up to date so that we can contact you. Your response is kept confidential. Your responses are used to improve teaching methods and to improve all TMCC course offerings. Please provide honest, concise, and constructive comments.


Please see me if you are having difficulty in this course. I am here to help you. The sooner you seek help, the better we can address the situation and get you back on track to completion!

Dr. Gail Ferrell


Need help with MyMathLab? Contact Product Support at http://www.mathxl.com/support/contactus.htm for live CHAT, email, or phone support.

Phone support for Students: 1-800-677-6337