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EPY 101

Purpose of the Course: (This course is about you!!)

This course is designed to assist students to create success in college and in life and to help them adjust to the college environment and the learning process.  Students learn strategies to greater academic, professional, and personal success.  Through lectures, classroom activities, group exercises, self-exploration, journal writings & presentations, students will be provided the opportunity to cultivate the skills, values and attitudes necessary to become confident, capable individuals. This is an experience unlike others you may have in college.

View and/or Download entire EPY 101 Syllabus below using "Class Downloads".

Course Objectives:  In this course, you will learn how to: 

  • Take charge of your life!  You will learn to gain more control over the outcomes and experiences that you have in college and in life.  You will learn to identify values, create goals, conduct career research, make choices, show an ability to communicate with others, and exhibit awareness and understanding of cultural diversity.
  • Improve self-management.  You will learn strategies for taking control of your time and energy, allowing you to move effectively and efficiently toward your visions and goals.
  • Increase self-motivation. You will learn to create greater inner motivation by revisiting or creating new goals.
  • Develop interdependence.  You will learn how to work with others in a respectful, supportive way.
  • Maximize your learning.  You will learn about how the human brain learns, as well as discovering your personal learning style and your personality style.  You will learn about the education system, and resources at TMCC to help you succeed.
  • Develop emotional intelligence.  You will learn effective strategies for managing your emotional life, and decreasing stress while increasing your inner sense of well-being.
  • Improve creative and critical thinking skills.  You will learn how to enhance thinking skills essential for analyzing and solving problems.
  • Master effective study skills. You will learn to earn good grades by improving essential skills. You will identify and apply effective approaches to: note-taking, test taking, reading strategies, stress management, time management, goal setting, critical thinking and written and verbal communication.
  • Write more effectively.  You will learn how to improve your writing skills through the extensive writing practice in your guided journal entries.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Students will demonstrate the ability to articulate specific career, educational and personal skills they have acquired in the course.

2. Students will gain knowledge and understanding of self-responsibility; self-motivation; self management; interdependence; self awareness; attitude toward lifelong learning; emotional intelligence; and belief in themselves.

Required Text/Materials:   

On Course: Strategies for Creating Success in College and in Life
, Study Skills Edition Plus, 2nd Edition. Skip Downing, Houghton-Mifflin, 2011.

Website: Use your "Sign In & Succeed" Card with personal access code that accompanies your textbook.