Topher Reynolds

Christopher Reynolds (Just call me Topher!)

Faculty - Truckee Meadows Community College (teaching since 2012)

Alumnus of TMCC - December 2008

Alumnus of UNR - May 2012

Teaching Style:

The only way to learn how to program a computer is by programming a computer. The more time spent doing so, the better the programmer you will become. Therefore most of the class time should be spent in a development environment developing solutions to problems programmatically. In order to retain what is learned in the classroom, plenty of homework is needed, solving problems with programming languages and learning how to think like an engineer.

The average computer programmer reads 1 programming book each year... that's why they are average! :-) Reading the textbook is not only required in my courses, but just plain expected! These are college courses, and as such, need to teach you college level material, both in length and format. Read the book. You will love it!

One of the most important factors to learning is enjoyment and laughter. I try to work these into every classroom experience. Most students do not laugh at my jokes, they just laugh at the fact that I think I am funny. And that is okay, because I crack myself up! :-D

Professional Experience: I have been working as a web developer, network engineer, hardware engineer, and/or software engineer for 20+ years. I have been teaching at TMCC since 2012. I started as a web developer for in 1998 and have worked in computer technologies ever since, for a variety of industries and companies such as: (Webmaster) (Hardware Tech) (Hardware/Networking/Web Development/Programming) (Sr. Network Engineer/Software Engineer) (check out this link that they still use. You can login with demo and demo for user and pass... (Software Engineer) (Sr. Software Engineer)