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Math 96 with ALEKS - section 1504 (Hybrid)

Math 96 (Intermediate Algebra) With ALEKS - section 1504

This is an on-campus web based class in which instruction and assignments are provided online through a software, ALEKS. Students are expected to attend scheduled classes and must be able to access a computer with Internet access to meet system requirements outside class in order to complete weekly work and assignments.
  • Textbook: ALEKS Users Guide, available at the TMCC bookstore (the Users Guide contains an access code) or on the ALEKS site when signing up with ALEKS.  Students will sign-up with ALEKS during our first class meeting.  If you've purchased your ALEKS Users Guide at the TMCC bookstore, please don't open it until after our first class meeting.  The bookstore will NOT accept returns if the ALEKS User Guide has been opened. 
  • Syllabus
  • Students must have an access code and Course code to register with ALEKS. Students must log into ALEKS by Sunday, February 2, otherwise you may be administratively withdrawn from the class.
  • Go to ALEKS 
  • Videos on YouTube covering topics from basic arithmetic and algebra to differential equations -- Khan Academy
  • Additional on-line textbook: Purplemath, and  Understanding Algebra .
  • Make an appointment with a tutor -- TMCC Tutoring and Learning Center
  • TMCC General Access Computer Labs