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Teaching Online for Beginners 2.0 

Crossing the Starting Line
May 11 to June 27, 2014

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How to Begin
Multiple Paths

 DIY ("Design It Yourself") Path Action Path - Guided
Participate, Interact, Produce
  • Define your own objectives and schedule.  
  • Use available resources (both inside and outside this MOOCOW) to learn what and how you wish. 
  • Interact with your fellow participants as you prefer
  • Attend and participate in the live online sessions
  • Do the assignments in the weekly action plans.
  • Interact with your fellow participants by posting in the discussion forums  and participating in the live Twitter chats (hashtag: #tltgTOL4B).
  • Self-Intro Video 
    Brief video suitable for introducing oneself and/or course to prospective students
  • Continuation Plan
    Next steps after completing this MOOCOW (continue to prepare to teach online) 

Designated Learner Path Certification Options   
Do the Action Path as described above, and go a bit further:
  • Learn Publicly & Candidly - Help Colleagues
    Share your progress through the MOOCOW and your insights with course leaders and fellow participants - praise, complain, criticize, request, suggest, ...

What do I do in this MOOCOW? How do I participate?  More details about these options.

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