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7.13.11 You are not alone!

posted Jul 13, 2011, 6:15 PM by Unknown user
TGIF 7.13.11 Highlights - New session in the Members Only Summer Series, July 27 "Why is MERLOT still the best kept secret to improving higher education". TLT-SWG blog finishes series on predictions from 2000. Getting geared up for TLT Group Annual Summer Symposium, "You are not alone! Queries and Strategies for Collaborative Change". Are you registered yet?...Prefer to view TGIF on the Web? Click here

Thirty-first issue, Volume four

TLT Group TGIF 7.13.2011                

From TLT Group World Headquarters It's mid-summer and we're in planning mode at the TLT Group, busy preparing FridayLive! and Online Institute workshops for 2011-12. We're also getting ready for our Summer Symposium in two weeks, "You are not alone! Queries and Strategies for Collaborative Change".

The TLT Group Annual Symposium is a chance to gather with colleagues across a variety of roles - faculty, librarians, faculty developers, administrators -  who are seeking ways to improve teaching, learning with technology in ways that are balanced and support incremental change. Lots of good ideas are shared; it's a great way to gear up for the year. Join us!

Steve has finished up his series of predictions from 2000 "A New Vision Worth Working Toward: Connected Education and Collaborative Change". You'll start to see some more writing in the next few weeks related to our Symposium which begins in early August!
#20 Educational Rights & Costs: "Debate will continue!" Like health care & fed. budgets?
#19 Unequal Access to Info Tech Painfully Persists - Equity, Disabilities, Info Lit
#18 Adjuncts Become More Important [At least more widely used; but "get no respect"?]
#17 Academic Freedom Redefined? Who "owns the means of production" in education?
#16 Value Rising: Purposeful Combinations of Tech/Pedagogy/Content & Human Moments
#15 More Speech, Recordings on the Web - Helpful, Hateful, Educational?
Members Only Summer Series

Why is MERLOT still the best kept secret for improving higher education?
Wednesday July 27, 11:00 AM EST

MERLOT - Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching - a program of California State University has been, since 1997, providing peer reviewed online teaching and learning materials. To date, MERLOT boasts over 30,000 materials and 95,900 members, and is an excellent resource for improving teaching and learning.

Irene Knokh, an Instructional Design Consultant and MERLOT Editor, joins this Members-Only session to introduce us to MERLOT and demonstrate its capabilities. In addition, we will be joined by Ray Purdom, Editor of Faculty Development Discipline at MERLOT, to lend us his perspective on the broader question of why MERLOT and resources like it aren't more widely utilized. What are the conditions that faculty and staff face that impede them from using these resources? What can be done to change those conditions?

Registration for TLT Group Individual Members only.

[If you're not sure of your membership status, our membership website has the info you need. Faculty and staff affiliated with an Institutional Subscription can register for an Individual Membership for free. Check here to see if your institution is a TLT Group subscriber.]

Summer Symposium You are not alone!  Queries and Strategies for Collaborative Change

Aug 3, 9, and 11 at 1:00 - 2:00pm Eastern.   Free to TLT Group Individual Members; Fee for non-member registrations.

The topic of this year’s Symposium focuses on the use of collaboration by small groups of faculty and academic professionals to improve teaching and learning with technology in specific courses as well as address current major challenges in higher education.

Guest presenters will demonstrate specific kinds of collaboration already being successfully implemented at some institutions:   Student-Faculty, Faculty-Faculty, Faculty-Librarian, Faculty-Faculty Development, and Faculty-Tech. Participants should expect a high level of interaction among and with presenters. We encourage all in higher education - faculty, librarians, faculty developers, administrators - to attend our annual symposium.

We believe that focusing on small, realistic steps will lead to more widespread, long-lasting changes.  We invite you to join us in transforming teaching and learning with technology.

FridayLive! is on summer vacation until September 9.
Fall 2011 season FASTPASS is available for registration now!

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