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4.12.11 Publishing + Education

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TGIF 4.12.11 Highlights - Last chance to register for The Collaborative Imperative, Info Lit Workshop starts April 14. How can publishers and faculty [together?] help students learn better?  Discussion on publishing and education this Friday April 15. Twitter makes FridayLivelier! Upcoming online events on presentation slide design and developing instructional resources website. TLT-SWG Blog takes on Flat World Knowledge, open textbooks, OpenCourseLibrary, and more...Prefer to view TGIF on the Web? Click here


TLT Group TGIF 4.12.2011
(twenty-first issue, volume four)


TLT Group Principles

From TLT Group World Headquarters!   The Center Column




This Week on the Blog:
Open Course Library Goals (Wash State) "Getting from NIH to PBT"

Do Your Students HAVE Textbooks? USE Course Materials?

Flat World Knowledge Open Textbooks

TUTechDay2011 Frugal Innovation Tweets - FridayLivelier!

More every day!...

Last chance to register for our newest Information Literacy workshop - The Collaborative Imperative! Sessions start Thursday April 14. More info below...

How can publishers and faculty [together?] help students learn better? Access is necessary but not sufficient.  Same for good learning skills.
How can authors and publishers make course materials more accessible?
How can faculty and academic support professionals encourage and enable students to prepare effectively for course meetings, activities, and assignments?
Join us for FridayLive! 4/15 2pm ET "Publishing & Education - Synergistic or Symbiotic?Prep reading for the session. Check out Flat World Knowledge Webinar of April 11 - also good prep for Friday.

Thanks to everyone who participated the Live Twitter Feed at Temple's Tech Day last Friday. Steve posted a synopsis of tweets on the blog so non-Twitterers can see some of what was shared.  We liked it so much, we're planning to do it again - during FridayLive!  So stay tuned for more details. Live feeds [FridayLivelier!] will be available on our homepage and on Twitter!  

Steve, Sally, Rebecca, David, Bonnie, and Micul Ann


The Collaborative Imperative

New workshop in the TLTG-ACRL Info Lit series will address how to form librarian/instructor partnerships. Presenters Susan Ariew and Jim Eison, University of South Florida, will share strategies for collaboration in multiple settings: e.g. library instruction sessions, course management systems. Thursdays April 14, 21, and 28.


FridayLive Event Registration

Free online events each Friday from 2-3pm, ET. Discover ideas and tools, learn and discuss!

April 15, 2011  Publishing and Education: Synergistic or Symbiotic? Karen Billings and Paula Maylahn, SIIA and Steve Gilbert

April 29, 2011 Rethinking the Design of Presentation Slides - Michael Alley

May 6, 2011 Developing an Online Instructional Resources Website: What, Why, How  - Lois Rosen, Deborah DeZure, and Eron Drake


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