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3.15.2012 Before there were Apps...LTAs

posted Mar 15, 2012, 9:55 AM by Unknown user

Eighth issue, Volume five

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From TLT Group World Headquarters

We've had some fantastic online sessions the past two weeks, great presenters, lively interaction, and lots of good reading and thinking as a result.   Those sessions covered a wide range of topics -- useful Apps for students and faculty, developing new guidelines for TLT Roundtables to manage current conditions at institutions, and Project Information Literacy.   Upcoming sessions focus on using technology to enhance teaching practices.

If you haven't joined us at a FridayLive! or a workshop in a while, you should!  We are proud to have some of the most creative, experienced, and thoughtful faculty and staff in higher ed today as frequent participants, presenters, and good friends.

Some of those folks are featured in our TLT Group Recommended Readings lists - we've just posted them to the TLT-SWG Blog, so check it out!

 Featured post:
Before there were Apps: "The Beauty of Low-Threshold Applications" - Still APPlicable today!

How closely do the characteristics of LTAs first introduced ten years ago fit the Apps we have begun to use in higher education today? Read full post

 From “The Beauty of Low-Threshold Applications”  Syllabus, 2002:

“No individual faculty member can keep up with the pace of new instructional and professional development techniques. Nor can any one LTA individually help "almost all of the faculty." While each faculty member might be able to use an LTA to help some other faculty members, collaborations among faculty leaders, faculty development professionals, librarians, and technology professionals are likely to reach further and more effectively.

By collaborating, these different professionals have a better chance of getting on top of the chaos, of identifying more effective and useful resources, and of developing more attractive and feasible programs for the mainstream faculty members. It may be just the right time to apply some of the "Open Course" principles, practices, and tools to the improvement of teaching and learning.”

Navigating the Technology Tsunami
Friday March 16, 2:00 pm EDT....Free to all.
Registration for March 16

Keeping Up: Social Networking and Higher Ed
Friday March 23, 2:00 pm EDT....Free to all.
Registration for March 23

 Online Institute
It Takes Librarians and Faculty: Using Project Information Literacy to Improve Student Research Skills 

Tuesdays, March 13 and 20, 2012
2:00 - 3:00pm EDT
 Steven Bell, Temple University

REGISTER - Don't worry about missing the first session! You'll have access to the archive and session resources so you can get caught up before the second session this Tuesday!

This workshop is free to TLT Group Individual Members.  Check your institution's status here if you have your membership through an institutional subscription.

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