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1.31.12 What pushes a college to the brink of closing?

posted Jan 31, 2012, 3:58 PM by Unknown user
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Fourth issue, Volume five

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From TLT Group World Headquarters

This Friday, February 3, we are pleased to host our friend and colleague, Alice Brown, to discuss her new book Changing Course: Reinventing Colleges, Avoiding Closures. If you are part of a college or university community, then you'll want to join us for this important conversation about the stability of our institutions, our roles within them, and what can be done when a college is in crisis.

Also, a thanks to everyone who joined us for last week's FridayLive! on Ender’s Game! We had a great turnout which yielded a flurry of conversation and stimulating discussion. Come back on February 10th for more about the book's ideas and what Steve calls Ender's Game Test for Artificial Instruction. How can a student tell if a live person is the teacher in a course? Does that matter?

What are the warning signs that a college is on the brink of closing?
Interview with Alice Brown about her book: Changing Course: Reinventing Colleges, Avoiding Closures.

Friday Feb 3, 2:00pm EDT....
Free to all

Guests: Alice Brown, Past President of the Appalachian College Association

“No thriving college is immune from unforeseen disaster, just as no struggling college is irreversibly destined for closure.” Sadly, if you are part of a college or university community -- student, alumni, board member, faculty, president, any other academic professional -- you can no longer be fully confident of the stability of your institution or of your role within it.

In this live online session, we’ll discuss the dangers, the warning signs, and how to deal with them. Alice Brown will summarize and extend the ideas in her new book Changing Course in which she “... presents stories of colleges in crisis and considers what makes the difference between a college that closes and one that nearly closes but manages to remain open.”   First Brown, then other participants, will be invited to share their observations and insights in response to these and other questions: What pushes a college to the brink of closing? What are the differences between colleges that "reinvent themselves" or barely avoid closing, and those that disappear? Are there any positive opportunities that can be grasped in these crises?

Registration for Feb. 3

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What pushes a college to the brink of closure? Warning signs? Too late? Can you help?
"Good enough for other people's children, but not yours?" - Innovation, degration, or rupture?
Ender's Test -  Is your course a pizza?
Sustaining New Year's exercise resolutions in spite of 5 (out of 9) common problems
"Encouraging critical thinking using the case study method and cooperative learning techniques" - Appreciation of R.W. Grossman, Kalamazoo
Educational Video Games with Real/Virtual Missiles?

 Online Institute
Is Meta Really Betta? Using Metacognition and Reflection Online

February 14, 21, and 28, 2012
2:00 - 3:00pm EDT

Three presenters skilled in developing strategies for improving the success of students and teachers in courses will present a highly interactive three-session workshop on using reflection in teaching, helping participants learn how to teach the way we want to teach.  

Leaders: Lucy MacDonald, Florida State College Jacksonville, Saundra McGuire, Louisiana State University, John Zubizarreta, Columbia College


This workshop is free to TLT Group Individual Members.  Check your institution's status here if you have your membership through an institutional subscription.

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