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12.13.11 Retirees as Resources

posted Dec 13, 2011, 11:24 AM by Unknown user

Forty-seventh issue, Volume four

TLT Group TGIF 12.13.2011                

From TLT Group World Headquarters Conversations this past week in preparation for our upcoming Winter Symposium have prompted us to consider a related and relevant topic. Join us for a special Virtual Brown Bag Discussion this Friday Dec. 16 at 1:00 pm Eastern [just before our regularly scheduled FridayLive! at 2pm] :

Recent Retirees as Resources to Faculty, Staff, Students:
The number and qualifications of recent and projected retirees offer new challenges and new opportunities for higher education (and for the rest of society).  This rapidly growing cohort can both complicate the next crises and provide new resources for addressing them.   Retirees can be

  • a vital resource to faculty, staff, and students at institutions – as mentors, advisors, consultants, shepherds.
  • a growing population of nontraditional students with new needs and diverse backgrounds.
For the foreseeable future, colleges and universities must expect to achieve no more than brief interludes of peaceful stability as they strive to balance the forces of accelerating unpredictable changes in resources, constituencies, and expectations.  Including but not limited to:  information technology, financial resources, educational needs, public trust, the nature of scholarship, and competing views of the appropriate missions of individual institutions and higher education in general.

Register for free. We look forward to your input!

Understanding and Working with Student Resistance to Active Learning

Friday Dec. 16, 2:00pm EDT... Free to all

Guests: Anton Tolman, Director, Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence, Utah Valle
y University

As faculty move towards implementation of more learner-centered teaching methods, they are sometimes dismayed by the students' reactions.  Students often resist more active teaching methods, behavior that seems counter-productive to their own long-term interests.  This session will focus on describing an integrated theoretical model of student resistance to active teaching based on four major interdependent elements including situational factors, negative classroom experiences, cognitive development, and readiness to change; the model also incorporates the work of Carol Dweck on mindsets.  New instruments to measure student readiness to change will also be described as part of suggestions on how faculty can utilize the resistance model to better understand their students and develop more effective interventions. 

More about the session and Registration for Dec. 16

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