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10.11.11 Change IS Possible despite Politics and Counterimplementation

posted Oct 11, 2011, 5:14 PM by Unknown user

Fortieth issue, Volume four

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From TLT Group World Headquarters

What's the difference between careful planning and undue restraint of innovation?
How do we recognize and where do we find the "...fine line between honest resistance to a project one feels is misguided and selfish sabotage of a necessary innovation. The difference is a matter for conscience and self-scrutiny. In both cases, the response is political, whether 'clean' or 'dirty' politics."*  

Heard this recently?:  "We haven't really done anything like this before so we need to be really careful."   On which side of the fine line do you find yourself when you hear [or say!] this?

If you just uttered “aHAH, yes that’s IT!” or “thank goodness someone is talking about this, this is exactly what I deal with everyday!”, then you likely need to come to FridayLive! this Friday Oct 14 at 2:00pm Eastern.  More information and link to register.  See you there!

*from the article “Information Systems and Organizational Change,” Peter G. W. Keen, May 1980, Communications of the ACM, January 1981, Vol 24, No. 1, pp. 24-33 pp. 27-28, 30-31.

Blog highlights:
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Steve Jobs' Word Processing: "What came out of this computer was not further from the human heart, it was closer"
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DULAP Foreign Language Learning "Operation Successful but the Patient Died"

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Are eTexts the Future?
eTexts and the Campus (Book)Stores and Financial Aid


Change IS Possible: Despite Politics and Counterimplementation Tactics
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group

This Friday, October 14, at 2:00pm ET

Peter G.W. Keen's article, "information systems and organizational change" in which the idea of counterimplementation is introduced, from 1980, still resonates! In this session, Steve Gilbert will lead us through Keen's thinking and then apply to current conditions. We’ll discuss how to recognize counterimplementation tactics, and how to distinguish between careful planning and undue restraint of innovation.  We’ll exchange samples of both from participants’ own recent experience.  We’ll suggest  some Counter-Counter-Implementation Strategies and when they might be useful.  We’ll explain how to use the TLT Group’s Fundamental Questions - which, unfortunately, have become especially helpful once again.

Registration for Oct. 14

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