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Resources Mostly for Ender’s Game [FridayLive! Jan 27, 2012]

Articles about Ender’s Game (Novel, Short Story, etc.) compiled by Ilene Frank, January, 2012
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Resources Mostly for Ender’s Test [3:15PM ET Feb 10 Online FridayLive! + Onsite - Lilly Greensboro Conf]

Resources for Both Ender’s Game and Ender’s Test

  1. "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" YouTube video excerpt from TV series "The Good Wife"- 1:37 mins Season 3 Episode 9  Music: 'Sail' by AwolNation  "Alicia and Will return to military court and again have to face military Judge Col. Leora Kuhn.This time, they are defending Sgt. Regina Elkins who is charged with disobeying orders and launching a missile attack in Afghanistan that resulted in the deaths of 12 people." -
  2. Ender’s Game the Movie!  
  3. Dave Snowden in Change 11 this week talked of complexity theory and decision-making, spoke highly of Ender's Game --  the recording  should show up soon at  

Ender’s Game and other Science Fiction Resources for Thinking about Education

Readings and References - including but not limited to utopias and dystopias
From Ilene Frank, Librarian and Online Teacher (late 2011, early 2012)

Additional resources specific to today's session From/About the TLT Group

"A Course is Not a Pizza"  and related TLT-SWG blog postings by Steven W. Gilbert:

TLT-SWG: A course is not a pizza or book. Who owns a course? If ...

Oct 25, 2011

A course is not a pizza or book. Who owns a course? If you deliver it, you don't own it! Who takes responsibility? See: "Are You Ready For Online Learning?" WHAT KIND? Synchronous/Asynch? Text/Voice/Video? What could ...

TLT-SWG: Which Courses Are/Aren't Pizza-like?

Aug 31, 2011

Which Courses Are/Aren't Pizza-like? See previous 2 TLT-SWG blog postings! How can we decide which courses are pizza-like? Which courses should or could be more or less pizza-like? For whom? Under what conditions? ...

TLT-SWG: DIY Pizza: Open Education Resources (MIT) Precursor to ...

Aug 30, 2011

courses which are important components of an effective undergraduate education and usually NOT susceptible to pizza-like delivery. Faculty can compare their own curriculum plans and assignments and see how colleagues ...

TLT-SWG: A Course is not a Pizza

May 02, 2011

Pizza & course materials can be delivered. Courses cannot. Even online. "Delivery" denies interaction. In a course, learners have some meaningful access to at least one faculty member and that faculty member has some ...

TLT-SWG:  If you deliver a course, you don't own it.

November 1, 2011
"Deliver" is the opposite of "engage." A course is not a book or pizza.