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We find ways to improve teaching and learning with technology in colleges and universities - ways which take advantage of new resources and new ideas without sacrificing the principles that matter most.

Our perspective is especially valuable when external pressures (like the continuing financial crisis) compel many to make - and others to accept - wild claims for the educational possibilities of technology.  

Our approach always builds on respect for what has been accomplished in the past, balanced evaluation of new options, and enthusiasm for emerging possibilities.

We provide resources and ideas that support collaborative change.  We help faculty members and other academic professionals to share their expertise and insights.

We "walk the walk."  We use, demonstrate, and advocate low-cost, low-threshold resources:  tools and activities that are easy to learn, easy to begin using, and have low incremental cost in dollars, time, and stress. We make Frugal Innovations.

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Using FaceBook Constructively for Undergraduate Courses and for FridayLive!


Steve Gilbert, TLT Group
Beth Dailey, TLT Group

Date: 1/20/2017

In addition to exploring the instructional uses of FaceBook we will also examine the top 10 Learning Technologies from a recent NCSU TLTR listserv discussion!)

  • that will be dead and gone next decade
  • that faculty wish would die in the next decade
  • [that "we" hope will not...]
  • See Fundamental Questions

Time: 1:30 PM ET pre session. 2:00 -3:00 PM ET Main event. 3:00 - 3:30 PM ET After thoughts



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or discussing improving teaching and learning by using available (changing) technology without sacrificing what matters to us all.  

TLT-SWG began in 1993 as the (unpronounceable) AAHESGIT listserv.
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The TLT Group helps people in educational institutions to improve teaching and learning by making more appropriate and cost-effective use of information technology without sacrificing what matters most to them.

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