TLHS Tennis

The TLHS tennis courts are for resident use only, and tennis is the only sport permitted on the courts. Full court rules are posted on the upper and lower courts. Questions or concerns regarding courts and court use can be addressed to the Tennis Chairperson, Kara Kiefer, at

TLHS Tennis Teams

Registering a Team

A Tennis Team Registration Form must be turned into the Board no later than the ALTA and USTA roster deadline. The reason for this is simple: All residents will be verified that they are current in their dues and the $15 non-resident fee will be assessed. Only AFTER the tennis registration form has been submitted and given Board approval will courts be reserved for your teams' practice and matches. Please don't assume you have courts. If the roster is not submitted in a timely manner, your team will not be guaranteed courts. This has been established through the Board and Tennis committee. Submit all rosters to Board member Mike Kiefer at

Fees for non-resident members are $15 per season. Fees are to be collected from NON-RESIDENT members only.  Fees are due to the Tennis Committee Chairperson at the time rosters are submitted.  No exceptions.

Only TLHS members who are current in their dues are eligible to play on a sanctioned TLHS team.

Once the Board has approved the team’s registration form, the Tennis Committee Chairperson will establish the schedule for team practices.  If there are teams who wish to practice on the same night, it will need to be worked out between the captains.  If an amiable solution cannot be found, the Board will then get involved.

If there are more teams wishing to have TLHS as their home than the leagues permit, the teams with the highest percentage of TLHS residents will receive precedence for approval

Court Reservations

Reserving Tennis Courts

TLHS tennis courts can be reserved for team or individual league play only (ALTA, USTA, KSwiss, T-2, etc).  Reservations are only accepted for TLHS residents who are in good standing.

To reserve courts:


Click on “Sign in or Register” (Upper left of page)

Click on “New Registration”

You will receive your login credentials via email.  Once registered, you will be able to reserve the courts.  Reserved time will be shaded in “blue.”

Matches: Approved teams may reserve The TLHS Upper Courts and one lower court for home matches. One court must remain open for resident use. Reserved time will include the beginning warm-up period.

Practices: Approved teams may reserve the TLHS Upper Courts for one practice session per week during the current season of play. While two courts can be used, common sense and courtesy are requested when other residents wish to use the courts at the same time.
Coaching may only be provided for TLHS Residents or Sanctioned TLHS Teams.

Additions to Existing Rosters
Every effort needs to be made to include any interested TLHS resident who wishes to join a team. TLHS residents take priority over non-residents when adding members to teams. Considerations include current roster size and level of play.


At this time, we do not accept resident court reservations for a friendly match with your friends. Courts are available on a first come, first served basis when teams are not using them for league games or practice.  If you have any questions or problems, please email Board member Mike Kiefer at