SMART Notebook Resources

Why have Scratch & Scratch Jr Blocks as non-functional images in SMART Notebook?

Often we want to discuss or use the same tools from Scratch or Scratch Jr to help illustrate a concept or do some human coding. We have used these sets of blocks to:
  • code the movement of a student through a classroom
  • predict the geometric shape that will be drawn
  • code some daily physical movement for students to practice and have fun reading code.
  • practice debugging

Galleries of blocks to add to SMART Notebook

Scratch Jr. SMART Notebook files

Click on the image files below to download the corresponding SMART Notebook file with the Scratch Jr. blocks from the image as infinite cloners.
  • (click on image to download)

Scratch SMART Notebook files

  • (click on image to download)

  • (click on image to download)

  • (Click on image to download)