- Gr 1 & 2 Literacy: Coding Your Own Stories

- Grade 2 & 3 Assorted Math and Literacy Activities

- Gr 4 to 8 Math: Geometry

Fast forward to 1:41 for information directly related to this activity.

- Gr 4 Social Studies: Interactive Map of Canada

- Gr 5 Geometry & Spatial Sense: Loop de Loops

- Gr 5/6 Geometry & Number Sense: Code a Timer

- Gr 5/6 Science: Matter/Electricity Conversations

- Gr 6 Geometry: Translations, Reflections and Rotations

- Gr 6 Social Studies: Canada’s Global Interactions Quiz Board

In this resource, the "Operation" board game was used as inspiration to create an interactive quiz board game of the student's design. A MakeyMakey is needed for this activity. The idea behind this activity is that it would allow students to design and make an interactive game created from content that they have learnt from their learning or research.

- Grade 7 Math: Interactive Fractions Tangles

This adaptation of the Interactive map of Canada from @StephRogers42. Uses a fractions tangle that she made using geometer's sketchpad and then students build the scratch activity to label the value of the coloured section, using fractions.

- Grade 7 Math - Draw your name with the Cartesian Grid

- Gr. 8 Science - Show your understanding of Cells