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Skiing - January 5 to March 12, 2015

posted Dec 15, 2014, 1:31 PM by Robert Meyers   [ updated Apr 7, 2015, 2:20 PM ]

On January 5, the students began their cross country skiing season. They were on skiis daily at the school for their fitness workout and quickly improved their skills. Every Thursday, the group would use the trails at Camp Wanakita for our adventure outing. 

"Overall, for the whole winter I think we did really well. I think from this whole skiing experience my fitness level and my mental toughness level has improved by A LOT. I also think most people in the group improved a lot from all these experiences and now feel good about themselves and in the future we can all say “I did that”. Now that I have this experience under my belt I feel like I can do anything that Mr. Meyers throws at me (even if I don’t like it….) But still I think the ski year was great! I was also able to reach all my goals to be positive and support my teammates that were having trouble, I was also a good leader. With biking season coming up I hope that all these skis will help me be better at mountain biking and if I was to be here next year I would definitely do the cross country ski season again and try and do better." (SH-student)

"This ski season there were a lot of bumps in the road. Most of the bumps in the road were small verbal disagreements. I was sometimes part of the problems and verbal disagreements. After the arguments and insults were done and we were done being negative the team really came together and became pretty close to one another and we started to get along very well.  As we progressed through the season the arguments and insults decreased until we were going whole skis without anyone being negative.  One  time that a teammate struggled the team fell apart because the team put him down and insulted him. Unfortunately, I was a part of the negativity. This did not  help the situation for anybody. The week after that the team was super supportive and positive with him and this helped him to complete the trail with the team. For example, I gave him my juice box during one of the team breaks because he didn’t have anything to drink and he was very thirsty. The weather usually agreed with us and was nice and cold so that the snow was perfect for skiing on except for our last ski of the year. On the last ski of the year we were unable to do the Buckhorn because the few days before that ski trip had been very warm and the snow had started to melt and then the night before we went on our last ski the temperature dropped down significantly causing all the wet snow and slush to freeze into ice making the hills dangerous and the Buckhorn trail unsafe for the group. Overall, I think that everyone did a good job and that the team was positive and supportive and had a lot of mental toughness. During the ski season my mental toughness and physical toughness improved greatly. This year we didn’t get to do the Buckhorn so my favorite trail was the Cathy Cole trail.

Now that the ski season is over, it is time to prepare for the mountain bike season. I am very excited about the mountain bike season as I love to bike. My goals for this mountain bike season are; to try my best, push myself past my limits over and over and over, get into better physical shape, to get tougher mentally and physically, and to place in the top 15 again. I’m so excited for this season as I believe I can do even better than last year. So the competition had better watch out because I’m gunning for 1st place." (CP-student)

"Now let's look back on when we started. I still remember the first ski like it was yesterday. It was the first time I cross-country skied in my life. We had some people who have skied before so they were like pros. The good thing was I picked up on it pretty fast and it was easy. We skied every day at school for practice and fitness. Every Thursday we would go to Wanakita to use their trails. The 1st time at Wanakita, we worked on our stride on the field. The 2nd ski we learned how to snowplow and how to turn while going downhill, and then we went across a huge lake. On our 3rd ski, we did our first trail. It had some hills on it but not too big. On ski number 4 we did a pretty big loop plus there were some pretty decent sized hills. The 5th ski we did a part of the last loop and more. After, I was so hungry and very tired but I still had a good time. Ski number 6 was a big workout for me. We did a massive trail. It tired me to death. The 7th was the biggest trail yet. On this ski it was an adventure and a half. I also finally landed the jump I always wanted to land. On the 8th ski, the only challenge was the trail conditions. It was very icy and slushy but it was still fun. I think my fitness level went up a lot as well as my mental toughness. I was a good teammate for most of the skis. On some of them I was not and I got into a verbal fight, but I got over it and I stayed away from the person for the rest of the ski. I feel good transitioning into mounting biking. I think it would be a great physical workout and I like being active outside of the classroom.   So that was my ski year." (ML-student)

"We started skiing in January and we went 8 times on every Thursday at Wanakita as well as going out every day for fitness and practice. Some days were nice and some days were colder. I had fun except for when I quit. I did not like quitting but I did take the easy way out sometimes. I'm not proud of quitting on the team. My ski skills are great and I'm great going down hills. My attitude was good except for some of the days. During the season my effort was excellent on some days. On other days it was not as good. My teamwork skills were good except for some days when I quit instead of staying with the team. My personal fitness level improved over the winter and I would rate it a 7 out of 10. I would go cross country skiing again somewhere else in the future. My mental toughness level is also at level (4/5). I had to really use it on some days to complete the trail or workout. I am pumped for biking this Spring season and I'm also pumped for the race this year. My goals are to use my mental toughness and not quit during workouts or bike adventures with the team."


"All and all, I think the whole ski season went great. We didn’t get into much trouble. The team stayed together and stayed positive for the most part. I think we could have done the Buckhorn if it wasn’t so icy. The ice was the thing that killed us on the hills. On the last ski almost everyone fell but we still did well. Overall the entire ski was good. I hope we do even better on the bikes because it’s time for the biking season. I am on my 2nd year at Hardwood Hills. I am going to practice switching the gears on the bike. That’s what slowed me down in the race.  I am going to try to help my peers. One peer and I don’t get along so it’s going to be hard. My goals for this biking season are to stay positive and be a team captain and to TRY to help my peers. The race is on May 22. Last year, I came in 24th. This year my goal is to try to improve my placing." (AW-student)


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