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This website is designed to help students and parents access important information regarding their courses at IEWSS.

Contacting the Teacher

Please contact me anytime at the email address below if you have any questions or concerns.

Click here to email me at: caroline.beamer@tldsb.on.ca

Accessing Course Information

Click on the course code below for specific information such as the course calendar and important due dates for summative assessments.

SCH4UR Grade 12 Chemistry, Univ prep

SNC2DB Grade 10 Science, Power Pack

SNC2PR Grade 10 Science, Applied

Mark Updates

Mark updates are provided to students in print copy as per the schedule on the course outline. Students are expected to share their mark update with their parents/ guardians and keep them informed of their progress. Parents can obtain a copy of the mark update by email. Please contact me by email for each request.

Mark Update Schedule for 2017-2018

Semester #1

Preliminary Mark Update... October 16-20

Parent’s Night... October 26 4:30 - 7pm

Interim Report Card... November 17

Pre-Exam Mark Update... December 18 - 22

Final Report Card... Issued February 9

Semester #2

Mark Update Week... March 19-23

Parent’s Night... March 28th - 4:30-6:30pm

Interim Report Card... Friday, April 27th

Pre-exam Mark Update Week... May 28 - June 1st

Final Report Card... mailed first week of July

Extra Help

Extra help is always available. Please check the table below to find my location or book an appointment with me.

Teacher room schedule for 2017-2018

Semester #1

Period 1 - room 128/192 prep/on-calls

Period 2 - room 128 SCH4UR

Lunch - room 128/192 extra help/supervisions

Period 3 - room 192 SNC2DB

Period 4 - room 128 SNC2DB

Semester #2

Period 1 - room 128 SNC2PR

Period 2 - room 128/192 prep/on-calls

Lunch - room 128/192 extra help/supervisions

Period 3 - room 128 SNC2PR

Period 4 - room 128 SCH4UR

Click here to email me at: caroline.beamer@tldsb.on.ca