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Welcome to Room 219! This is an exciting year, Grade 8! On this site you will find a summary of our learning for each week, review questions and important dates. 

Important Dates:
Sept 25-29: Book Fair in the Library
Sept 27: Meet the Teacher BBQ 6-7:30pm
Sept 28: Picture Day (and WE Day for those attending)
Sept 29: Orange Shirt Day
Oct 5: Terry Fox Run!
Oct 6: PA Day
Oct 9: Happy Thanksgiving! 

Current Learning Goals in Room 219:
  1. Fractions

    Goal: we will be able to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions.

    Success Criteria:

    1. I can find a common denominator.

    2. I can go from a mixed to improper fraction and back again.

    3. I can simplify the answer (with a mixed fraction and lowest terms).

    4. I can follow the sign (+, -, x, /).

    Writing a Paragraph

    Goal: to be able to write a paragraph effectively

    Success Criteria:

    1. I can write an introduction sentence.

    2. I can write at least 3 body sentences that all relate to each other.

    3. I can write a conclusion sentence.

    4. I can use the appropriate punctuation to make my sentences more interesting.


    Goal: to be able to work as an effective member of a team

    Success Criteria:

    1. I can put myself into a group that I will work well with.

    2. I can find the best in me to share with the project.

    3. I can listen to other people’s ideas and be nice about them.

    4. I can use feedback to help move the project forward.

Week of Sept 25-29, 2017
This week we have continued with the following units:
Language: Understanding our Language Centres.
Every day we are focusing on understanding the expectations of our independent and guided literacy centres.
Numeracy: Fractions
Working with mixed problems, bringing together all of our skills so far in the unit.
Science: Fluids
We are starting to make connections to the science of fluids to the geographic differences of water quality around the world.
Other Info:
We are starting to gear up for the Global Read Aloud program by researching information about the book "A Long Walk To Water".

Week of Sept 18-22, 2017
This week we have continued with the following units:
Language: Paragraph writing
Students are continuing their writing of their Alphabiography.
Numeracy: Fractions
Working with multiplication and division problems.
Science: Fluids
We have been conducting experiments to better understand the science of density.
Other Info:
We had our Terry Fox Assembly this week and we had a chance to discuss the options for the Year End Grad Trip! 

Week of Sept 11-15, 2017
This week we have started the following units:
Language: Paragraph writing
Students are writing an Alphabiography with several paragraphs describing who they are and all of the meaningful things in their lives.
Numeracy: Fractions
Working with equivalent fractions in addition and subtraction problems.
Science: Fluids
We have been conducting experiments to better understand the terms: viscosity, flow rate, internal friction, the particle theory and density.

Week of Sept 5-8, 2017

It was amazing getting to know all of the students in the room. This week we focussed on dusting off the cobwebs and getting into our routine. To end the week we had the "Love Our Trail Event". Our class had great Canadian Spirit and had much fun on the trail.



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