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Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year!

This website is for students and families to keep up to date on homework and other announcements. This year we have 4 homerooms in the upper hall, and we will all be on rotary. My homeroom (7b) will be with me for Math, Literacy, and History, and I am teaching all of the Phys Ed. Students will be going to the other teachers for all other subjects. I am looking forward to another good year with my grade 7s!
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I do expect grade 7s to be fairly independent when it comes to keeping up with their homework done, so I don't post everything here the way I used to. I do try to get notices out for tests and bigger assignments through Remind, so please sign up!

Monday, February 5
Not much homework since Christmas, other that our novel studies.
Math today, page 305, all questions.

Wednesday, December 6
Jump Math hand-out, questions 1-9.

Thursday, November 23
Math, page 154, questions 5, 7, 8
Literacy - Your sentences for the My Setting package need to be finished. Most people have already started editing. We had 45 minutes to write 5 sentences today, so they should be GOOD!

Tuesday, November 21
1 question from Freak the Mighty for homework.

Thursday, November 16
Literacy - finish notes for chapters 6-10.  We will finish questions 2 and 3 in class tomorrow.

Wednesday, Nov 15
Freak the Mighty notes for chapters 6-8. This is on google classroom. We will finish the other chapters tomorrow.

Thursday, Nov 9
Math - text 4.4, q. 5-8
Literacy - Figurative Speech in "Freak the Mighty", #1-6.

Wednesday, Nov. 8
Math - 4.4, questions 1-4.
Literacy - FTM section 1 (chapters 1-5), first page: note-taking.

Monday, November 6
Literacy: 1. Read your Stand Up For Change goal. Read my comment at the bottom. Do you need to write some more? If so, you need to unsubmit.

2. Get a partner for editing, for your Descriptive Writing. Read your partner's list. Count the sentences. Do they have 20? Does each have a noun and adjectives describing them, and verbs with adverbs describing them? You probably need to unsubmit before you can share it.

Math - Finish textbook 4.3

Wednesday, November 1
Math text 4.2
questions 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 15.  If you were away, the rest of the lesson was done in class today except for question 14. We have taken up the rest of the questions.

Friday, October 27
Math text 4.2, pages 124-125, questions A-E.

Thursday, October 26
The Editing Process
1. In groups of 3, read your character journals. Offer feedback - what could be improved? Has the writer followed the instructions.
2. Use the feedback to improve your written copy.
3. Use a thesaurus to come up with improvements for at least 3 of the words in your journal.
4. What else can you do to improve your work? Do you need to add more details? Can you add some emotion to your narrator?
5. Type your better copy on a google document.   Due tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 25
Character Journal is for homework tonight. This should be about 2 pages, written in your notebook. Some people have written more. Several people are doing this on chrombooks already. This is also fine. But your first copy needs to be finished tonight.

Tuesday, October 24
Math - text pages 120-121, all questions. There are photocopies of the calendar page.
Pascal's Triangle. Complete the triangle. We will discuss patterns tomorrow.

Thursday, October 19
Spelling Test 5 tomorrow.
Unit math test tomorrow.
Factors and multiples, divisibility, powers, square roots, order of operations.
Study as much of the following as you can get through:
Chapter Self Test - page 33
Chapter review - p.  34
Practice Questions - p. 35

Friday, October 13
Order of Operations worksheet is for homework.
Next week - Monday, Order of Operations work
Tuesday - Assessment q.
Wednesday - Test Review
Thursday will be the day we cash in our incentives
Friday - unit test for Number Sense.

Wednesday, October 11
Math - 1.6, questions 10-18 (finish square roots lesson)

Tuesday, October 10
MAth - Text, Mid-chapter review, plus 1.6 (Square Roots) questions A-E and 1-9.

Wednesday, September 27
Math - text lesson 1.5, questions 1-3

Monday, September 25
Question 13 and 16.
Assessment question tomorrow on factoring and gcf.

Friday, September 22
Math, text 1.3, #1-8

Wednesday, September 20
Math - text page 8, question C.
As we discussed in class, using tiles 1 cm X 1 cm to cover a surface 120 cm X 120 cm would require 14 400 tiles (the area is 14 400 cm squared).
2 cm X 2 cm = 4 cm squared, so you would need 3 600 tiles (14 400 / 4)
What other sizes of tiles will fit?
3 cm X 3 cm will fit.
4 cm X 4 cm will fit.
5 cm X 5 cm will fit.
Keep going...

Tuesday, September 19
History - My Story as a World Changer
This is all for homework if you did not finish it in class. Several people did not have the questions answered, which was for homework last week, so you are now behind.

Tomorrow will be the last day for this month's Scholastic orders. Be sure to write your cheque payable to Scholastic Canada.

Monday, September 18
Me Poster due Thursday.
Math assessment question on common multiples tomorrow.
History (not Social Studies, as I wrote below) due tomorrow.

Friday, September 15
Math, Pages 6-7, Questions 1-10, 13, 14, 16, 19
Social Studies - Finish the "Questions to Consider" page - just the first 5 questions. We will do the writing piece next day.

Thursday, September 14
Spelling Test 1 is tomorrow!
Math - finish text book page 3
Literacy - finish Student Agenda Scavenger Hunt

Wednesday, September 13
Finally some homework! (for some, at least). Math textbook. We have taken up page 2. Homework is page 3, questions 1-5, for those not already done.

Social Studies - On the map of Canada...
At a minimum, you need the following:
* 10 provinces and 3 territories
* 14 capital cities, including our nation's capital.
* other major cities (most provinces have at least 2 large cities)
* 3 oceans
* Hudson Bay and James Bay
* the 5 Great Lakes

Friday, May 5
Math text, page 215, #2,3,4

Wed., May 3
Lightning Package due tomorrow.
Science (Electricity) test is tomorrow.
Math - The package from yesterday is homework.
Procedure is homework, except conclusion and diagrams.

Tuesday, May 2
Math - new package today. Chapter 7 - Mental Math. First 2 pages are homework.

Thursday, April 27
Science - Tidy up your organizer for procedure writing (the balloon experiment). Make sure you have ordering words and some simple diagrams.
Fuses and breakers package is homework.
The math package was assigned for homework yesterday, so it should already be done.
Math test corrections and signature due Monday.

Thursday, April 20
Probability Chapter Review
1. Finish Gym Clothes assessment question.
2. Complete "Test Yourself", photocopied page.
3. Read page 411 (FAQ).
4. Pages 412-413 (chapter review).
5. As much as you can from text, pages 407-408 (skills bank); pages 409-410 (problem bank).

Wednesday, April 19
Fast Food Lunch
Your friends are taking you out for lunch. 
*Your drink will be either
a milkshake or coke. 
*You will have one of the following meals: hamburger, hot dog, pizza.
*You will have either french fries or onion rings.
Complete a tree diagram and an organized list to show all possible meal combinations.
a) How many combinations are possible?
b) What is the probability you will order a milkshake?
c) What is the probability your meal will include a coke and fries?
d) What is the probability your meal will include a coke, onion rings, and a hot dog?

Monday, April 10
MAth - page 393, q. 5-8
Assessment question tomorrow on recording probability.

Friday, March 31
Math - Photocopied pages. First page is unit rates, then "test yourself".
You can continue to do chapter review, skills bank, and problem bank questions for chapter 12 of the text book. Be sure to read the Frequently Asked Questions.
Math test Monday.

Thursday, March 30
Math Test Monday
Today's work - photocopied page, adding decimal tenths, subtracting decimal tenths. Text page 371, question 6.
Read page 372, do questions 4 and 5 on page 373.
Friday, March 24
Quiz Monday on the Amazing Atom.
Maniac Magee

Maniac Magee Section 3

 1.     Section 2 ends with Maniac running. Section 3 (chapter 33) is about Maniac running. Why is he running? This should be a fairly long explanation. Show me that you understand what is happening in the novel.

 2.     Who’s the orphan here, anyway?” (page 135) What does this question mean? Use sufficient specific support from the novel to explain your answer.

Thursday, March 23
Math homework. From photocopied package, pages 106, 44, 4, 56. (these are all in order in your booklet).
Science homework. Finish the Intro to Electricity questions from class today. Almost everyone is done. The questions are now in our google classroom.

Wednesday, March 22
Literacy - we are finishing a summary of the first 2 Sections of Maniac Magee. The "Before the Story" and "Section 1" were for homework Monday. You will have a few minutes tomorrow to finish, but this should already by mostly finished. Several students did not get this done Monday or Tuesday.
Math - Ratios page (p. 42) from the photocopied package.

Monday, March 20
Welcome back!
Math homework - Percentage, Fraction, Decimal package. First page is for homework. Assessment question on this tomorrow.
Maniac Magee - Summary of "Before the Story" and "Part 1" is homework.

Wednesday, March 8

1.      Grayson is obviously an important character in this section. What do we learn about him? Write notes about Grayson, with support from the novel.

Monday, March 6

Chapters 22-27

1.      This section takes Maniac Magee to a new setting (time and place). How much time do you think has passed since he left Two Mills? Where is he now? Make notes on the setting for this section, with support from the novel.

Friday, March 3

1.     3. What are Maniac’s feelings toward black people? Toward white people? Do you think the word “colourblind” is a good word to describe Maniac? Why or why not?

Thursday, March 2

Maniac Magee Section 1, second half (chapters 11-21)

1.    What is the main point of conflict throughout the novel? Find several pieces of support for your answer.


2.      How does the Beale family help Maniac resolve the conflicts he feels as a result of being homeless?

Wednesday, March 1
Text page 355 should have been finished last week. Be sure you are done.
Page 357, q. 3,4,5. Use your fraction strip to help you.

Monday, February 27
One math question:

What is 1/3 + 1/4?

Friday, February 17
Maniac Magee

1.      Characters. What characters have we met so far? What do we know about them?

2.      Setting. What is our setting so far?

Tuesday, Feb. 14
Any of this would be good to help you review for the math test, which is now Thursday.
Page 156-157
p. 159 (frequently asked questions)

p. 255-256
259 is Frequently Asked Questions

Monday, Feb. 13
Math test tomorrow. Units of measure, converting units, perimeter and area of rectangles, parallelogram, triangles.


Maniac Magee – Section 1 Questions “Before the Story” and Chapters 1-6 (pages 1-21)

1.      Scan through this section and write down your 3 favourite lines so far. Include page references.

2.      Write 3 interesting things that Jeffrey Magee does, that few other people would or could do.  (with page references, of course)

Thursday, Feb. 10
1 easy page of math homework.
Science test tomorrow.
Math test now TUESDAY.

Wednesday, January 25
Math - Some people are not done yesterday's work. The photocopied package starting with "Measuring Length". Textbook pages 140-141. These are for homework. They should already be done.
Science - Space Travellers is now overdue.

Thursday, January 19
Data Management test Friday:
mean, median, mode, range, stem-and-leaf plot, line graph, double-bar graph, plotting ordered pairs.
Text review: pages 82, 83, 97, 98, 99.
Try to do either some skills bank questions (p. 93-94) or problem bank questions (p. 95-96).

Monday, January 16
Math - review day tomorrow. Test on data management will be Wednesday. Photocopied "Test Yourself" pages for homework tonight.
Science - "Cycles in Space" should be finished. I am collecting it tomorrow.

Monday, January 9. Happy New Year!
We are right back at it. Easy assessment question on plotting co-ordinate pairs tomorrow. Also bonus assignment on line graphs. (not line plots).

Tuesday, December 13
Health - Nutrition 1 returned today. You can do corrections on lined paper, signed by parent, and hand it in Thursday for mark upgrade.
Nutrition 2 - Questions 1-9 for homework tonight.
Math - Patterning test corrections on lined paper, signed by a parent, due on Friday.
Line Plot package for homework (most people finished this last Thursday). Assessment tomorrow!

Thursday, December 8
Literacy - You need to have both paragraphs from "The Pocket Watch" ready to go for Monday. They should already be printed.
Math - The first 3 pages from today's Line Plot Package need to be finished.

Wednesday, December 7
Spelling test will be tomorrow, as Friday is our Net the Nets Day!

Tuesday, December 6
Some people spent far too much of math class talking, and now they have lots of homework.
Photocopied page - both sides.
Text - read page 84. Questions page 85 A, B, 4, 5.

Monday, December 5
Math - text page 69 d,e,f

Wednesday, Nov 31
"A" from APEC organizer for question 20 of "The Pocket Watch".

Monday, November 28
Literacy - Good copy of "Main Idea" paragraph from Hannah's Great Day. This should have been finished in class. Most people have theirs printed.
Math - Finish chapter review and pick some questions from either Problem Bank or Skills Bank.  Test tomorrow!

Friday, November 25
Math test Tuesday.
Today's math homework is mostly work from yesterday and today.
Photocopied page, "Patterns on a Graph" both sides. Problem page (both sides).  
Text page 15, questions 5 and 6.

Thursday, November 23
Literacy - Main idea paragraph for Hannah's Great Day should be done. This was homework yesterday.
Math - Coloured packages were also for homework yesterday. We corrected some today. A few people were not done. That needs to get finished tonight.

Tuesday, November 15
Literacy - Complete APEC organizer for main idea of "Hannah's Great Day".
Math assessment tomorrow on Common Difference and using pattern rules.
Spelling test Thursday this week.

Monday, November 14
Literacy - Complete the 'A' (Answer) part of our organizer for the main idea of Hannah's Great Day.

Friday, November 11
Math assessment question Monday. You will need to know common difference, substitution, and explicit pattern rule.

Monday, November 7
Math assessment tomorrow on writing and using pattern rules.

Friday, November 4
"Hannah's Great Day" question 12, good copy (also rough copy, organizer, checklist). Most people have already handed this in.
It would not hurt you to study prime numbers!

Wednesday, November 2
You need to finish your APEC paragraph for question 12 from Hannah's Great Day.
Complete the "i-chart" for Hannah's Great Day.

Friday, October 28
Literacy - complete APEC organizer for question 12 of Hannah's Great Day.
Math - Today's photocopied package (Patterning).

Thursday, October 27
Literacy - "Hannah's Great Day". You have a hand-out with 2 questions on it. We completed question 11 yesterday. Organize your response for question 12. Fill in the graphic organizer I gave out today, but only the 'answer' box. I will give you time tomorrow to do the rest. Do not write your paragraph yet.
Math - Test corrections. Tests need to be corrected on lined paper (we did 3 of the problems as a class today). There is a 2-sided worksheet that also needs to be completed. The test needs to be signed by a parent, and returned with the corrections and the worksheet on Monday. Students scoring 25 or higher out of 30 do not need to do the worksheet.

Friday, October 21
Math test Monday. Review is text pages 63-65, and questions from either Skills Bank (59-61) or Problem Bank (p. 62)

Wednesday, October 19
Math - text page 52, q. 5,6

Monday, Oct. 17
Great work on the Halloween for Hunger! Keep it coming in!
Math - the package we started on Friday is to be completed for homework.

Thursday, Oct. 13
Food drive is now on. Please bring a non-perishable food item to support Halloween for Hunger.
Math text page 48-49.
Scholastic orders for October due Monday, October 17.

Wednesday, Oct. 12
Converting file sizes assessment question will finally be tomorrow!
For next week, collect some fall foliage (leaves or other colourful things) that we can press in waxed paper for art. Preserve them in a zip-lock ba

Thursday, October 6
Summary of Tessa Smith article needs to be completed for homework if you did not get it done.
Math - 3 page booklet from yesterday. The first page is rounding to 10, 100, 1000.

Wednesday, October 5
Tessa Smith summary organizers should now be finished. This is not for homework, but tomorrow you will be writing your summary and this will need to be done first. The summary will be for homework tomorrow, so you don't want to be too far behind.

Thursday, September 29
Literacy - 12 most important points from The Tessa Smith Story. This is in your literacy notebook (unless you have an assigned laptop).

Wednesday, September 28
Toonies for Terry will be tomorrow. Please bring two dollars if you can.
Terry Fox pledges due Friday.
Social Studies - Table of Early First Nations Peoples is now homework. I will be collecting it Friday afternoon. If you are not done you need to get to the homework room to finish it. The books in our classroom are not to leave the school. We have now had 2 1/2 hours on this.

Friday, September 23
"The Sticks of Truth" summary needs to be finished. This does not mean the editing with your partners, just the summary. About half the class finished yesterday, so today's period was sort of a bonus. This needs to be ready for Monday.

Thursday, September 22
Math - page 41, problem 7 and 8
We do not do a Mad Minute page every day, but when we do they need to be completed and corrected for homework.

Wednesday, Sept. 21
Picture Day Tomorrow!
Math - the page from yesterday (place value on one side, "Exploring Greater Numbers" on the other, is now homework.
Literacy - Graphic organizer for "The Sticks of Truth" summary (also from yesterday) is homework.

Monday, Sept 19.
Page 39, question F

Friday - Math, page 38-39 questions A, B, C.

Thursday, September 15
1. Finish adverbs page.
2. Write a 5-sentence summary of a tv show or movie you have watched recently, or a book you have read.
Math - "Do You Remember?"

Wednesday, September 14
Finish "Some Basics" and Student Planner Scavenger Hunt.
Math - page 37, B-F
Log into google, select google classrooms, and enter this code:

Tuesday, September 13
Scholastic orders due next Monday, September 19. Please pay by cheque, made payable to Scholastic Canada.
Literacy - Building Interesting Sentences with Adjectives
Math - Text 36, question A only.

Monday, September 12
Math - third and final page of Small to large numbers package.

Friday, September 9
Art - we will work on our scrapbook page next Friday. Please bring in your mementos from the summer. You will also need some basic scrapbook supplies. There are lots for sale at the Dollar Store.

Math - second page of the math package we started yesterday.

Important Dates:
September 12 – Cross Country Practices begin

September 14 – Open House, 5 – 6 pm

September 22 – Picture Day

September 27 – Grade 4, 5 and 6 to Kinark Water Festival

September 29 – Bus Patroller Training

September 30 – Terry Fox Run

September 12 – 30 – Fresh from the Farm Fundraiser – more details to come

October 5 – School Council Meeting 9:30 am

October 7 – PA Day

October 12 – Drama Day

October 4 – 18 – Fundraiser – Magazines, Giftware and Vesey’s Bulbs – more details to come

Thursday, September 8
Picture day is Sept. 22
Please sign up for Remind if you have not done so yet.
Math homework - Small to large numbers, page 1.
Mad minute - complete and correct today's page.

Wednesday, September 7
Literacy - finish Proper and Common Nouns page.
Be sure to have gym clothes tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 6
Welcome to grade 6!
Try to get all the paperwork signed and returned tomorrow.
Be sure you have indoor and outdoor shoes, and gym clothes for days 1, 3, and 5.