Welcome to                            Mrs. Martin's and Mrs. Nickalls'                     Junior Kindergarten                                        at                                         Riverside Public School                                                                                                                                                 
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It's going to be a happy day in JK!
We are excited to observe our 25 children grow as they experience daily activity, play, inquiry and movement.  

Email Addresses Please!
Thank you for ensuring that Mrs. Martin has your current email - one you check often. Monitor for messages as this is our primary source of communication.   

Thanks for stopping by to check out our website!  Don't forget to share Seesaw with your child - enjoy talking about the pictures and be sure to talk about the learning!  
Pizza day
Our cheese pizza day is Thursdays, second Nutrition Break. You will receive information about ordering pizza in blocks.  A slice of cheese pizza is $2.  

Bookbags and Communication books:
Please check the bookbags each night and remove the items that do not need to stay. The only item that needs to stay in the bookbag is the communication book.   It takes a long time to go through the bookbags, so it is helpful when the contents are simplified.  

***Also, please help us by remembering to fold back and clip the cover of the communication book so the note is showing.  This helps us in that we do not have to open 24 books to check for messages. Thanks!***

We've got everyone signed up!  Now it is time to begin enjoying a peek into life and learning in the JK room via Seesaw!  

Roots of Empathy
We are a RoE class and we love learning about and along with our little friend, Baby (stay tuned!). Mom is so kind to share him with us and we look forward to each and every visit.  We always have a pre-visit lesson, family visit and post-visit review.