Hello and Welcome to my web page!
I'll be using this site to desemenate information through out the year so it might be worth bookmarking it in your browser.

About me

    My name is Alex Robinson. I am a 2004 TK Graduate and am incredibly happy to be back at TKHS. I got my bachelors degree at Western Michigan University where I majored in Physics and minored in Chemistry. I spent two years at Lansing Catholic High School before accepting the job at TK.
    My wife and I live in Eagle, MI and although my daily drive is long it's well worth it! We have two cats named Luna and Bjorn (Bear for short). We also have a dog named Ranger. He's half German Shepard and Half Bernese Mountain Dog weighing in at about 120 lbs!

My Wife and I at our Wedding

Autonomous Robotic Boat Built for Monitoring Water Quality [MSU RET Summer Project]
This is my summer job!

My Nerf Gun Collection
Bad news when my brother comes to town!

My Wife and I