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Supply List for Mrs. Gavette's 2nd Grade Classroom

posted Aug 8, 2017, 11:18 AM by Jennifer Gavette

You may bring these supplies with you to Open House...

·         lots of sharpened #2 pencils and pencil-top erasers

·         a small, pencil sharpener with a holder for the pencil shavings

·         LOTS and LOTS of glue sticks

·         one box of Kleenex for our classroom

·         1 large pencil box – This is extremely important to help our students with organization.  Most supplies will be able to fit inside of that box (that’s why the larger-sized pencil box works better).  Please put your name on this box.   

·         good tennis shoes (for P.E. class – some kids leave their shoes in their lockers so they are sure to have the right shoes on our PE days)

·         t-shirt (any kind) with your first name printed clearly (and big) on the front and back  (This is so Mrs. Desy, our P.E. teacher, can learn your name quickly!  This t-shirt is not worn anywhere but inside of our school’s gym during our scheduled PE time twice a week.)

·         a good bag/backpack to carry your things in (backpacks with wheels do not fit inside of the lockers)

·         2 highlighters; 4-pack dry-erase markers; 2 black sharpie markers (Fine tip)

·         colored pencils or crayons (You can even get Twistable crayons to help eliminate the problem of keeping crayons sharpened and clogging our classroom’s pencil sharpener).  You can also bring your own markers if you want too, but crayons/colored pencils are a must. 

·         one 2-pocket folder (Yup – only 1.  I’ll provide the others.  This will be kept in your desk and will hold your VIP work – Very Important Papers)

·         2 Wide-Ruled Composition Notebooks

·         scissors/12-inch ruler (These aren’t a must, but many kids like having their own to use (label with your name please).  Otherwise, I do have some here that you can use). 

·         Headphones (kids complain about earbuds being to uncomfortable and their cords tangle and come apart easily)

Please do not bring ink pens or gel pens or big “trapper-keeper like” folders. The only supplies you’ll need are listed above.  As always, please put your name or initials on your items. It helps us keep our supplies with their rightful owners J  I will do inventory on the first day of school to make sure everyone has what they need.  If you’d like to donate any extra supplies to the classroom, I would appreciate it.  They will go in the “Community Supply Box” for those who are in need of any supplies.    


posted Aug 13, 2016, 7:19 AM by Jennifer Gavette   [ updated Aug 29, 2017, 4:19 PM ]

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