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My Contact Information ...

Phone ... 


Anyone can reach me via voice or text message at my Google account.

If you are a friend, the best way to reach me is always on my personal cell (8000 number).

I am also available for voice, video and texting on What'sApp if you have access there.  I recently started using What's App and prefer using it.  Email me if you need help adding me to your What's App contact list.

Note: I am no longer using my old LA (9999) number and am not checking in there with any regularity for messages.  I keep thinking about getting rid of that number ... but as I've had it for 20 years ... well it must be a sentimental thing I guess.

Mail ...

333 E. Amado Road, Unit 694
Palm Springs, CA  92263-0694

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Click here to send me an email.

What's New? ... 

Latest Personal News?

Well after more than just a few months of vagabonding and backpacking, I'm back in Palm Springs.  Yippee!  Probably for a long while this time.

Biggest thing I'm looking forward to?  Getting a damn haircut.  My hair hasn't been this long since I graduated from college in 1976.  My barber returns from his "quarantine" Tuesday 6/2 and I'll be seeing him as soon as he returns.  I can't wait. Cut this thick, long hair off!

I have a couple of work projects I'm going to start on as soon as I get completely settled back in.  My poor MacBook Pro hasn't been turned on in a long time while my trusty Note9 has been on the job 24/7.

For now, it's just getting re-acclimated to the hot summer temperatures which have been averaging 107 degrees most days this time of year in Palm Springs.

Personally, I have a big desert nature photo project I'm going to start too.  That should be fun.

I'm going to revamp this homepage in a couple of weeks.  Might want to check back in early July. 

I hope your travels these days are good ones. Thanks for checking in.

American Heroes ... 

This picture has always been an inspiration to me.  It is a story about heroes.

When young Dale Ostrander went to the beach in 2011, he was dragged under the surf by a riptide off the shore.

Dale spent over 20 minutes under water in the Pacific Ocean. When rescuers found him, he had no pulse and wasn't breathing.  

Miraculously, Dale survived.  But only because these amazing heroes rushed Dale to safety.  

To read more about Dale's story, click here ... http://abcn.ws/q9p5LB  

Life has been pretty hard on Dale since his recovery.  It's hard to find a lot of follow-up reports on him.  If you are interested in learning more about Dale today, this is probably the best resource ... http://prayersfordale.blogspot.com