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If you are a friend and have my Palm Springs mobile number, (760.673.8xxx), that's an even better way to reach me by voice or text. You may also message me on Telegram.

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Latest Personal News?

A friend is opening a new business in Palm Springs and has asked me to do some projects for the new enterprise.  So I'll be returning to Palm Springs next month after an extended vacation in Los Angeles.

My feelings?

Being semi-retired is a different mindset.   I've always really loved Los Angeles but the truth is that Los Angeles in 2019 is nothing like the Los Angeles I fell in love with many years ago.  Today, Los Angeles is a very different city ... different culturally, different temperamentally, and different environmentally.  The fact is that Los Angeles is no longer a happy place.

Los Angeles is also becoming filthy.  The dirt and disease are shocking.  There is currently a typhoid scare loose in LA that is only a precursor to deeper problems directly ahead. I couldn't imagine being younger and raising children here.

Spending a lot of time in San Pedro the last few months was an experience that made me feel a lot younger.  Scootering around the Port of Los Angeles all the time was a thrill.  I'll miss that a lot.

I am planning to do a lot more travelling in the coming months.  Palm Springs may not be my last stop.  I have several places I want to spend some time looking at more closely.   We will see what happens, but for the time being, it's back to the desert.  

Wish me well. And if you're in Palm Springs, meet me Thursday nights over at the Street Fair for a burger.

American Heroes ... 

This picture has always been an inspiration to me. When young Dale Ostrander went to the beach in 2011, he was dragged under the surf by a riptide off the shore.

Dale spent over 20 minutes under water in the Pacific Ocean. When rescuers found him, he had no pulse and wasn't breathing.  

Miraculously, Dale survived.  But only because these amazing heroes rushed Dale to safety.  

To read more about this story, click here ... http://abcn.ws/q9p5LB