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My Contact Information ...

I formerly used this website for contact information and business pursuits.  I am now retired.

If there is some matter of critical importance that requires contact with me, please send an email to ...


Please note that email sent to this address is only screened occasionally so please don't expect a prompt response.  

Also be very specific in your email as to the nature of your need to speak with me.

Thanks for your cooperation.  Have a great day.

Pictures ... 

I'm using this space for inspiring photography.  Here's the latest picture that captured my imagination ...


More to come later ...

Backpacking ... 

I'm a big backpack nut. 

Funny, because when I was growing up, no one used backpacks.  

Over the years, I started seeing people using them.  Then I started doing a LOT of International travel and don't get me started about how I hate check-in luggage.  So on one "around-the-world" trip (30 days, a month long), I packed ONLY a large backpack where I avoided needing to do any check-in luggage.  It was great.  I was hooked and the luxury of never having to go through airport luggage check-in was a dream

Now I have a big collection of backpacks for different uses.  

Business Travel (Wilson Leather) 

Tech Bag (SwissGear)

Work/Daily Driver (SwissGear)

Hiking/Outdoors (Dakine)

Overnighter (Dakine)

Projects (Ogio)

Special Events (Ogio)

I am planning a few "get-aways" and I'm looking forward to getting in a lot of backpack trips in 2021. (Utah and Arizona here I come).