Project Title: Planning a Video Shaing Session.
Organisation: UUNIFEM
Mrinalini Venkatachalam
Group members:

Cherie Leung
Brenda Lim
Aisyah Hanani
Valerie Ngieng
Joey Cheang
Shi Mengchen

Brief description of the project

Our project mainly is planning a video sharing session to share the videos about domestic violence. UniFem is working on protecting women and girls from domestic violence, sex trafficking and child marriage. However, for a bigger impact, we have decided to zoom in on domestic violence. This way, we can have a rich and unique content and be able to draw more attention.
This video sharing session will spread the message of the seriousness and prevalence of the domestic violence, and to encourage the masses to be more proactive in UNIFEM activities and other such organizations that seek to strike a cause in protecting the rights of girls and women around the world.
Our process including
  • writing concept notes,
  • search the relevant videos in the library and online
  • planning the sequence of the event
  • inviting the guest speaker
  • inviting students which are our target audience
  • publicizing
After all these planning process, the real event will be held on 25th Feb 2011 at the UniFem office. On that day, all of us will be there to hold this video sharing session named “A Call for Help”. Everyone of us will take at least one role in this event.

Blog (please include "3 content/knowledge skills you learnt; 2 interesting aspects of your learning; 1 take-away for life)

1 Take-away for Life

posted Feb 15, 2011, 2:39 AM by 1103 Aisyah Hanani Bte Mahmud

It is no doubt that the mentors at UNIFEM (Minnie & Mellisa) are extremely passionate and strong women who honestly believe in fighting for the rights of women. They have become somewhat of an inspiration to us to look beyond ourselves and the people around us to to realize the reality of the plight of women across the globe. We live in a sheltered and protected society which we often take for granted because we do not experience what women in other countries have to face. Ranging from abuse to being denied basic education, it is organizations such as UNIFEM that try to make a difference to the lives of these women and it is only fair that we too should do our part to help. It is no surprise to find ourselves complaining about the hectic lives we lead but rarely do we ever spare a thought for the women out there who are suffering in silence, unable to voice out. Truly the least we can do, is to pledge our support in taking a stand against such treatment towards women. Everything begins with a small step and hopefully though this, others too will see the need to be more pro-active in meaningful causes such as this.

Our Blog

posted Feb 14, 2011, 5:17 AM by 1128 Shi Mengchen


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