Day 3

posted Feb 10, 2011, 4:52 AM by 1103 Phang Zi Han

Today was focused on the production of the application in the iphone. Dr Andrew has forwarded us the pdp file with the pictures of how the application will look like and certain functions that were reflected in the specifications were expressed vivdly.  It was rather difficult to make sense of the screenshots for the program were using terms that were quite alien and the screenshots did not have captions or any words to help explain what the screenshot meant. It was an interactive program thus any button could have been pressed however the screenshot could only show one outcome at a time. But after a while, after reading through the specifications and carefully examining the screenshot and the next, I was able to make sense of it all. There were two parts to the application, the guidebook part and the sightings part. The compliation of the species in the guidebook will form the database of that guidebook portion. As for the sightings part, users will be taking photos and send the pictures as sightings of the species. It would help to increase the number of photos of a particular species as well as to inform Science Centre as to which species are regularly spotted and thus should be included in the guidebook database if it is not already inside the database.

Certain aspects of the application had flaws like the screenshot of the user submitting a sighting had text fields like the scientific name. That was illogical for the application was aimed at people who did not know the species, the average person. Thus, it was almost impossible for that person to know the scientific names of the species whose photo he has taken. Other problems included certain missing functions that were included in the specifications but not shown in the screenshots.

At 4pm, Gloria and I were already at SCS however the developers were late so we started the meeting only at around 4.20. The moment we started, I began to fully visualize the entire concept of the application and found that the application was rather cool! The application had certain errors in terms of logical steps when a user uses the application but both Dr Andrew and Ms Lingling had went through that process so many times that it seemed second nature to them to ask about certain logic gaps. Two representatives came, one was clearly in charge of explaining the program and the other was the programmer. It seems odd however that the programmer did not volunteer to explain certain key concept s in the programming nor answer if the proposed idea was feasible or not. The person in charge of the presentation always had to act as the go between and answer the questions.

Overall, today was fulfilling in the sense that we understood the workings of the application and thus knew what was needed in order for the application to work well. We would be meeting with Dr Andrew tomorrow morning to review our progress with the list and in the afternoon head back to college to locate and try out a scanner.