Day 15

posted Feb 10, 2011, 5:12 AM by 1103 Phang Zi Han

After reporting to SCS, I started work on the attributes and the hyperlinks. I soon realized that the filenames of the files were inaccurate. It was too long and contained too many other folders in the filename. I then needed to edit the filenames all over again, changing the previous filenames of those that I have done and tried to standardize the files. I attempted to try out the links. This would allow me to ensure that my attempts are not for hyperlinks that don’t work! Upon testing the hyperlinks, I found out that there were links that were some file names that were weird. For instance, I named some file names with a space In between the word and the underscore. In other places, I spelled the word differently. As I made the hyperlinks without much reference to the original file name only to check if the picture file actually existed. The better part of the day was thus spent on ensuring that all of the hyperlinks have been inserted and that all of them worked.

The remaining part of the day was spent doing the attributes to the various species. I starting wondering as to how the search function would work. We are assigning specific values for the attributes. For example for colour, we are assigning the colour black or brown or blue, however, if the search parameters are blue-black, what will the return result be? Would it be classified as blue or black or simply ignored? However, it might not just be a combination of two words but it may be another word, like for example, the attribute value is pink but the user entered pinkish, what would happen? Basically, our attirbutes values are specific so what happens when the search entry did not match that specific words? For example, under the attribute habitat, we have the value forest vegetation, what happens then when the user enters ‘on the trees’? It is essentially the same meaning as forest vegetation however, it is not explicit that it is the same, the keywords are different.

We would be meeting with Dr Andrew tomorrow to discuss what else needs to be done and to round up the project. I would expect that we complete the entire list by Thursday to give ourselves ample time to pass over the information and spare time to edit any things that are not perfect enough to be passed on.

-Monday 24 Jan 2011