Daily Log 2801 (Day 19)

posted Feb 10, 2011, 7:26 AM by 1102 Neo Xin En Gloria

Venue: Science Centre Singapore
Time: 8am to 4pm


What we did today:

  •  Zihan and I met early to do our final touches and checks on the final excel spreadsheet with all the information to make sure that everything is in place.
  • At 9am, we had a meeting with Mr Andy and Ms Chew to do a debrief and discuss final corrections to our document



Final check on the excel spreadsheet with all the information

·         We did a final check on the entire excel spreadsheet, especially the attributes and hierarchy chart

·         Dr Andy pointed out a mistake in the hierarchy chart

o   The reptiles were grouped to have skin as their outer covering, instead of scales.

o   We also missed out the fact that amphibians can be grouped in the group with skin as their outer covering

·         There were also some species that were not that common, so we decided to just remove those species from our list since we have more than the required amount.

Stuff to complete by that day

·         Zihan had to edit the hierarchy chart to change the mistakes found

·         As for me, since I had nothing else to do, Dr Andy and Ms Chew gave me the job of drafting the instructions to be put in the iPhone application to explain to users how to use the app

o   The instructions had to be drafted for the few main functions of the app, for example:

§  Browse Field Guide

§  Search Field Guide

§  My Profile

§  Sightings

Debrief of our 4 week “stay” at Science Centre Singapore

·         We had a talk with Dr Andy and Ms Chew about what we learnt during these 4 weeks at Science Centre!

·         We learnt working skills like:

o   How to use Microsoft Excel

·         We learnt planning skills, and that we should plan before doing anything

·         We gained exposure and experience, and we got to work with the iPhone application developers



  • After the meeting cum debrief, we went on to complete the things that we had to do
  • Zihan then passed the back up of all the documents to ms Chew in the company’s computer

Thoughts about task:

Today’s the last day of our WOW! Attachment! The 4 weeks of attachment flew by so quickly, and it felt like only days ago when we first came to Science Centre and started on our project. Today, as we submitted our final project (which comprises of the main excel spreadsheet and the folders with all the photographs), I felt a sense of achievement. Our final project is the fruit of the time, work and effort Zihan and I have put in for the past 4 weeks. However, it isn’t the only “fruit” that we have produced after the 4 whole weeks. We have gained many other skills and experiences that cannot be learned in our normal classrooms in school, like the application of our excel skills, and planning skills, etc. Our attachment with Science Centre Singapore is the first work attachment I have ever attended, and it has certainly been a good and meaningful experience for me!