My Reflections - Sarah!

posted Feb 15, 2011, 6:56 AM by 1102 Michelle Ho Min   [ updated Feb 15, 2011, 7:04 AM ]

I got to learn more about archaeology – in general, and in Singapore. I never really thought archaeology as a subject Singaporeans would pursue – especially not in Singapore itself – since generally we think of archaeology as a very romantic and exotic study that people far away do, all decked out with torch lights searching through underground caves. However, during this attachment, I got to understand it better, and I also saw my history lessons come to life. In TA2, we’ve discussed pre-colonial Singapore, and examined the credibility of Sang Nila Utama. I found that my external mentors were doing the same, and I even got to wash and sort artefacts dating back to precisely that period, 14th century Singapore!

This attachment allowed me a glimpse into the work of historians; I now better understand how artefacts were collected and analyzed before conclusions were derived and then appeared in my history textbooks and notes. I also learnt more about ceramics due to the exposure to them throughout all that washing and sorting; how to differentiate between the different ones, how they were fired at different temperatures to achieve such a result etc. These were definitely things I would not have had a chance to be exposed to if it hadn't been for this attachment.

I’ve learnt a lot during this attachment that can be applied to my life in general. I’ve learnt to be meticulous; this was especially important in sorting; and also to be alert. I’ve also learnt to work better with people, as our tasks all involved cooperation with each other and through all the sorting work, I’ve seen how effective a team can and will be when everyone does what he is supposed to, and does it to the best of his abilities. I also got a glimpse into the working life of adults, and I’m definitely treasuring my schooling days while I still can.