Reflexion of IDE trip (Posted By Xiaoming)

posted May 31, 2010, 8:55 AM by 101A Liu Xiaoming   [ updated May 31, 2010, 9:36 AM by Seng Kwang Tan ]

The reflection for the trip to the IHPC

When we are gentle drowning in the sea made of countless question papers and work, there is someone still trying to reveal the fact, that the math itself, radically, is a subject for application, but not for the questions on papers and textbooks. Math is sometimes not as simple as we think, or maybe we should say in most times. However, as we are digging into the higher parts of the modern science and technology, we inevitably meet problem which are impossible to be solved all by pencil and papers, and this is how computers are being used. Although just a sip of the bottomless well, we are quite impressed by the power it gives. By typing in lines of codes, computer can generate complicated 3D models in a moment, which might be an unsolvable problem for even mathematicians 50 years ago. What would the future be in the era when by the technology is having booming development is always a problem for authors of science fictions. As a crazy lover of science fiction, I was quite amazed b how the modern tech appliance which are more like existing in stories are now coming true. The trip opens a window to show our the panorama of how math and tech are related to each other. Math is not a theoretical subject, but the brightest diamond on the crown of all natural science.