Reflections- Monisha Kishin (CG 1C/10)

posted Jun 11, 2010, 3:38 AM by 101C Monisha D/O Kishin   [ updated Jun 11, 2010, 3:40 AM by Seng Kwang Tan ]
                    Having an interest for the English Language, Landscapes of the Mind was my first choice while choosing my IDE and I have no regrets. The schedule for Landscapes of the Mind seemed quite relaxed compared to the other IDEs with only 3 days of lessons and the remaining days for our project. The three days of lessons based on the three different perspectives were interesting and different as it thought me how to look at things from different perspectives and the types of information that could be obtained based on these three perspectives. It allowed me to have a deeper interest in landscapes, poems, prose, movies etc in a way I could not have imagined. For me, I particularly enjoyed the linguistic perspective and paid full attention to the lesson, learning a lot from it.

    Although the lessons were only held for a short time in the morning, the 3 individual assignments took up the remaining of our time but according to me, the deadlines for these assignments were fair and spaced out quite well. I did not find doing these assignments a chore but instead I found them enriching and interesting and gave me the opportunity to put to use what I had learned in class.

      The remaining days were spent doing our project and consulting the teachers-in-charge. My group was initially distant as we all came from the 3 different classes and did not know each other that well. However, once we started working together, we became more comfortable with one another and no one was left out. My entire group had fun doing this project as it meant watching a film, Avatar, which our project was going to be based upon. Although we had to look out for important parts in the movie that linked to the different perspectives, we still were able to enjoy the movie and understand it on a deeper level. As for our second landscape, we chose the Amazon Rainforest which is well-known around the world. Instead of focusing just on the Amazon Rainforest as a whole, we went into further research and did a case study on one of the tribes in the rainforest- The Awa Tribe. While researching on these two landscapes, we were able to find many similarities as well as some differences, so we knew that we had picked the right landscapes and were able to complete the project on time without much confusion. However, whenever we needed help we were able to approach Ms. Kwan the teacher to whom my group had been assigned to. She guided us through our project and helped us look at the landscapes we had chosen even deeper. We also split the work up accordingly to ensure that the workload on each person was fair. Despite our presentation being a day earlier than the rest, we were on task and did not face any problem in time management. The group was efficient and focused so we did not face any major problems along the way which was a relief.

     Overall, I am glad I chose Landscapes of the Mind as my IDE and spent two weeks working with my group on the project. It was a fun and fulfilling experience, one which thought me how to view things from different perspectives and learn the true meaning of a place or a piece of writing.