Welcome to the Tipton Community School District's TAG/ELP page. Our goal is to provide the best, individualized education opportunity for students that have shown exceptional levels of creativity, cognitive abilities, and critical thinking skills, while building communication and collaboration skills.

My name is Andy Stroup, and as the TAG/ELP coordinator I will help facilitate a variety of extended learning opportunities for students that have been identified as "Talented and Gifted" while also observing students trying to identify additional gifted students grades K through 12.

I believe that the quality of your child's education is the greatest investment in their future. To best meet the needs of your student we will use a combination of in-class instruction, in-class enrichment, and out-of-class enrichment.

I rotate regularly between the three buildings every day to better serve the needs of the students; so the best way to contact me is via email at andy.stroup@tipton.k12.ia.us  or at 563-886-6027 x 1306.