MATH HOMEWORK will go home WEEKLY (on Mondays--Each day of the week box must be completed that night & returned the next day)
This will be GRADED for completion (as we go over correct answers each day)!!

Wishlist includes:  Kleenex & Germ-X for flu season!!!

Skills we are covering this week:
-Math:  GEOMETRY!  Coordinate plane graphing & Volume of 3-D shapes
-Science: Unit 4--Force & Motion (finish and test);  We will be begin reviewing for the TNReady test by going back over chapters covered this year.
  • Mar 21--Report cards go home
  • Mar 22--Field trip (permission forms went home on Tuesday, Feb. 12th--all money and forms should be turned in by now and will not be refunded if something changes)
  • Mar 25-29--Spring Break--NO SCHOOL