Ms. Dawn Gatlin's
4th grade Math and Science.
I am super excited to start the new school year. We are going to learn new and interesting things.

IF you need to talk with me you can call the school and I will call you back as soon as possible.
Mrs. Ashley and I are also using Class Dojo for communication.  If you would like to join please send a note with your child and I will send home an invitation.

Mission Statement
Crestview Elementary is committed to providing a safe and positive learning environment that enhances independent learners to reach maximum potential in order to achieve academic excellence.
 About Me


7:45-8:00                                 Homeroom-lockers, attendance, and Morning Work

            8:00-9:00  RTI
8:45 –9:00 Restroom/ Daily Fundamental
9:00-9:20                                 Science  (homeroom)
9:20-10:05                               Specials
10:10-11:40                             Math (Homeroom)
11:40-11:45                             Switch and Bathroom
11:45-12:05                             Science  (Johnson’s Homeroom)
12:05-12:33                               Math Pt.1   (Johnson’s Homeroom)
Math part 2 (Johnson’s Homeroom)
2:10-2:30            Recess                                  
2:30-2:45                                 Pack up/ Agendas and Dismissal
 Resources for extra help


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