My name is Mrs. Buffy Wall.  I am the Guidance Counselor at Crestview Elementary School.  
I am so happy and privileged to serve Crestview and this Covington community.
This site will keep you informed of the guidance department news at Crestview Elementary.
January Character Word
The Character Word for January is Self-Control/Self-Discipline.  Self-control/Self-discipline means to control your emotions, words, and actions, then make good choices that are right for you and for others.

January Character Kids 

                                                                      Parent Tip for Sharing
The next time your child does not want to part with something, set a timer.  Lets your child know that he'll get to play with it for 10 minutes and then , when the timer goes off it will turn for someone else.  This will show you r child how to take turns and also that giving up the toy is not permanent.