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 "Goodbye Amazing Achievers,
Thanks for the memories!"
                                                                                                                                                            - Mrs. Beth

Congratulations, Marcus, Audrey, and Kira
1,000 Sight Words!


Congratulations, Blake, Carrigan, and Leila
1,000 Sight Words!


 A special "THANK YOU" 
to Miss Tiffany Hardister, 
our Music teacher,  for allowing our "Amazing Achievers' Band" 
to perform "I am a Pizza" during Music:

Google Docs Video

Lunch on the Patio AND Ice Cream from Mrs. Beth 
(because we got 10 Compliments AND Perfect Attendance this week!)

Having Fun "Flashlight Reading," dancing to "MilkShake," and "striking   a pose" with our BHS Baseball Buddy, #16, Cody Howard:

Field Trip to the Children's Museum 
= Fun with Friends!

Building Bridges with STEM Bins:

We've got S.W.A.G. 
playing on the BIG playground!

Easter Egg Hunt!  

Congratulations, Brooklynn and Tylee
1,000 Sight Words!

How do you celebrate the 
120th day of school? 
You have a "team tower building" 
competition with 120 cups!

Yes, we are using Oreo cookies 
to learn the phases of the moon 
on "National Oreo Cookie Day" - March 6th 

Congratulations, Reece - 1,000 Sight Words!

"AAARRRR, Matey" - Its a Pirate's Life when we're learning about r-controlled vowels!

Our Bird Projects are really something to "TWEET" about...

"Dear Santa,  We've ALL been good!"   

Congratulations, Brooks and Canaan!
1,000 Sight Words!

Celebrating Thanksgiving by 
"Feasting with Friends"

Congratulations Caden and Brock 
for reading 1,000 sight words!

Connor, Harrison, and Connor
 for reading 1,000 sight words!
Your reading is "OUT OF THIS WORLD"

BHS Homecoming Parade

Field trip to the Pumpkin Patch!

1st Nine-Weeks' SWAG Party!

10  Class compliments = Mrs. Beth doing a 
"Compliment Cartwheel"  (sorry no pic - lol)

"Go - Jim - Go" - We raised over $1,000
for LeBonheur Children's Hospital. 

BHS Football is great 
with Josh,#28

 Watching the "Total Eclipse of the Sun" with our cool glasses and masks!

Recycling and a good imagination 
can result in some pretty neat projects!
 "Bright futures begin at B.E.S."
(especially in Room 104 where First Grade adventures begin!)

Mrs. Beth  - "then and now" 

 First Grade Student:         First Grade Teacher:  

We are "Amazing Achievers" 

We can spell, decode, and read words. 
   We can even comprehend, make connections,
 and write about what we've read.  
Our vocabulary is "AMAZING" 

We can add, subtract, and compare 
one and two-digit numbers.  
We can even "do the D.E.W." 
as we solve Math word problems.  

We can't wait to 
"show what we know" in May!

The Mission of Brighton Elementary School

is to provide opportunities for children

to learn, achieve, and succeed in a safe

and caring environment.


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