Welcome parents, students and teachers!   Please remember that speech homework is assigned Monday through Friday .  Please go over homework activities with your child.  Activities will take no more than five minutes and are beneficial in the carryover of classroom work.  Please call or send a note in your child's homework folder if you have any questions.  
We are looking forward to a great second half of our school year!

Lindy Joyner, MA, CCC/SLP, Christi Cranford, SLT
Glenda Shanks, Speech Paraprofessional and Laura Baskin, Speech Paraprofessional

Tipton County Schools Speech and Language Department Mission Statement:  
The mission of the Tipton County School System's speech and language department is to encourage and facilitate successful communication in all students in order to positively impact their personal and educational lives, thereby enabling them to become productive communicators in a multitude of environment.

Please read to your child or have them read to you daily.  Language development is enhanced through reading.  Please talk about vocabulary in the stories you read.  Ask your child questions about the story to make sure they have good comprehension of what they have read.  Thanks so much for all you do and your continued support of Brighton Elementary School.