Children and Teens say parents are the number one influence in their lives.  When discussing the Solar Eclipse take time to protect your children from the influence of drug abuse.  Talk to them about it.  Start the conversation.  They do hear you!!  Encourage your child to make a choice to be uneclipsable - not to let drugs eclipse their light!


Welcome Back TLC! 

Looking forward to this 2017-18 school year!


I will always do my best!

I will treat others the way I want to be treated!

Failure to prepare is preparation for failure!


Our parenting classes will begin on

September 5, 2017 at 5:30 p.m.

in the computer lab at

Teen Learning Center


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for the first semester calendar!


Teen Learning Center

804 Bert Johnston Avenue

Covington, TN 38019


The Tipton County Teen Learning Center is a therapeutic day treatment program providing academic instruction, behavioral intervention, custody and truancy prevention services. The program serves behaviorally challenged youth whose social function in the regular and alternative school setting has been unsuccessful or who have appeared before the Juvenile Court. The Teen Learning Center program provides a 32.5 hour week state accredited educational program for youth ages 12-18 years of age. In addition to educational services, students receive counseling and other behavioral intervention services in efforts to prevent them from going into state custody. 

Principal, James Fields

 Motto:  "Teens Learning to be Cooperative"

The Teen Learning Center (A.K.A. Court School) was first established under the leadership of a private agency, until 2005 when the Tipton County Board of Education (TCBOE) was given custody of the school under the authority of the Tipton County Juvenile Court System.  This school is designed to serve as an educational and therapeutic day treatment program that provides custody and truancy prevention services for at-risk youths whose social function in previous schools and society has been unsatisfactory.  It further aids in establishing respectable self and social meaning within our students by exposing them to alternative learning strategies, which promote academic growth, develop, and acceptable social skills so that students may become productive citizens in our society.

Our ultimate goal is to provide students with a positive, very structured learning environment to encourage and help all students know that they can become academically and socially successful in life.


TLC Student of the Month

May 2017

Avery Coleman


Students at TLC learn about Landscaping

Teen Learning Center's

Student of the Month

February 2017

Robert Ryder

 Go Jim Go at Teen Learning Center!