Google Play Troubleshooting

Occasionally when you try to install an app from the Google Play Store (Android Market), it will seem to get stuck trying to download to your phone. This is unfortunately a rather common event and occurs with every app on the market, but there are a few things you can try to get the download unstuck and working again. Suggestion #1 works in most cases:

1) Clear the Play Store app cache. Many users report that it works the best for them. But we take no responsibility for any problems it might cause. You can read the full details on the Google Support forums. The steps are:
    Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > All > Play Store > Clear Data & Clear Cache.

2) Try canceling the download and starting it again. There should be a "Cancel Download' button on the Play Store description page for the app. Once you've purchased an app on the Play Store, you can download it as many times as you want. Read more about this at the Google Play Help page.

3) Force-stop the Play Store app. The steps are:
    Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > All > Play Store > Force Stop.
(This might not be available in every version of Android.)

4) Quite a few people have reported that opening the Google Talk app (if you have it) on your phone will start the Play Store download.

5) Sometimes rebooting your phone will allow the download to continue.

6) If you're trying to download an update to an app you already have installed, you might consider uninstalling the app. But please be aware that you will almost certainly lose any personal preferences and data saved in the app when you uninstall. (This isn't much of a problem with GTO, since your tasks are synced with Google's servers, and your preferences are automatically backed up to the SD Card. Just make sure you have performed a sync recently by choosing 'Sync All' in the GTO menu.)

7) Clear your Google Apps cache. This is probably the riskiest option here, and we take no responsibility for any problems resulting from it. But apparently it solves problems for people who had a '' account, such as those in the UK. The full article is here.
Warning: This trick works for almost everyone who uses it but a couple of people have reported problems. Backup your data before attempting it.
a. Press the Menu button and navigate to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications
b. Select Gmail and then press the Clear Data button
c. Go back and choose Gmail Storage, and then press Clear Data
d. Go back and choose Google Apps, and then press Clear Cache

If the above solutions don't work, you can let the developer know about the problem. For TinjaSoft apps, you can email us at But please understand that there is very little a developer can do to fix Store errors, beyond suggesting things for you to try, or providing a refund on an active order. You can also contact Google Play Support.