VFD 3-Phase Motor Modification with MachTach addition

This VFD Modification includes a half-height MachTach.  I started out with the 3-Phase Motor and VFD file found on the 10x22grizzlyandthelike yahoo group and I would like to thank them for their fine work that saved me a lot of time.  The MachTach is a lathe tachometer that measures either rpms or SFM.  You can find kits and information for the MachTach  at the MachTach yahoo group.
I made my own modifications that will be featured below...
Faceplate Modifications.  A unibit and utility knife was used to drill the holes and cut the slot respectively.
Spacer and lense holder for MachTach.  Notice the black rubber gromit.
I added the fan to the motor for low speed operation.