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Laser Projects

"Snow Flakes"
My first laser project was making snowflake ornaments for Christmas.   Just follow a few simple guidelines to start and then you can get wildly complex.
  1. Six branches in a simple snow flake
  2. 60 Degrees between branches
  3. Hexagons work
  4. 6 point stars work well too
  5. Draw a circle or break lines to make removing complex shapes easier
  6. Add little holes in the scrap hearts and stars to make charms
  7. Do whatever you want to do to make you happy
I attached the .dxf files if you want to use them for a start.  Please take the design make your own ornaments.  If you decide to sell them remember me.
"Cool Smile"
1) Draw your shapes in CAD
2) Import them into LaserCAD
3) Cutout all of the parts
4) Learn how to use Acrylic Solvent and Acrylic Cement
5) Glue up your smiles




"Spider from www.thingiverse.com"

"F-35 Refrigerator Magnets"
"Engraving using Low Power Laser Cut settings"
I like the clarity of an engraved image that results when you engrave using a low power laser CUT setting (e.g. 15%).
When you engrave using a low power laser cut you will find out how much backlash is in your x and y axis.  Backlash is caused by loose mechanical connections, spring in your drive shafts, worn timing belts, loose timing belts, loose pulleys, loose bearings in your linear rails and the list goes on.  Backlash results in squiggles in your lines,  and lines that don't connect when they should.  If you zoom in on the picture of the F-35 above you can find plenty of backlash.  To deal with backlash tighten every connection that you can, use the best linear rails that you can afford and hide the rest.  To hide backlash first slow down your cut speed then see how the image comes out. Next try using changing your "Document Data Optimize" settings in LaserCAD.  When you download the document to your controller "check" the "Re-order Objects" and then select the "..." button to the right.  You will be able to "Order by Layer", move from "Inner to outer", "right to left", "left to right", "top to bottom", "bottom to top" and set the path run region size.  That means how far the laser head is allowed to move from the end of a line segment (you have to play with this setting; it works most of the time).  I find ordering by layer and putting complex items on their own layer in small groups works the best.  Note you can manually order each line segment but I found it takes way too much time and if you forget to uncheck the "Re-order Objects" before you download you have just lost all of your work.

"2016 Camaro-Low Power Laser Cut Engraving"

"Contracts Character"
Contracts Character.dxf  (Note: Preview does not work)

My Furniture Brand
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