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Brewing Beer: Wort Chiller Stand

I made the following Wort Chiller Stand for a friend of mine.  This Wort Chiller Stand can accommodate two chiller coils.  The stand was fabricated out of 304 Stainless steel.  304 Stainless was a lot of fun to work with; wonderful to weld, grind and polish; a PITA to drill and tap!!!!
If you are wonder how I squared things up so the dog-bone slides works, I clamped all the pieces of all three dog-bones to the slide arms; then I tack welded them; and completed the welds after removing them from the slide.  The dog-bones were almost square at that point but still a little tight.  So I clamped the dog-bones square in my HF Mini-Mill and milled out .03 (1/32") from the inside of the slide.
I welded some nuts to the dog bones to accommodate the thumbscrews.  I did that after snapping two taps in the 304 stainless; 304 stainless is very hard and "sticky" even when you use lots of lubrication.   The feet are just chunks of 304 stainless.