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   Week Of: April 24, 2017
Bible - Mr. Wiener/Mrs. Meyer
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M - Prophet Presentations
T -  Prophet Presentations
W - Prophet Presentations
Th - Prophet Presentations
F - Memory Quiz (M/W): Isaiah 40:27-28 & theme: Prov. 3:5-6

Language Arts- Ms. Strauss

M - Fan Fiction

T - Fan Fiction
W -  Fan Fiction
Th -  Vocabulary for Achievement Lesson 29 due for EVERYONE
F - Quiz over Lesson 29 for EVERYONE

Quizlets: https://quizlet.com/misstrauss106  (my username is misstrauss106)

For Quarter Four:
Due Wednesday, May 17th: Fiction of your choice book report

Math P1 - Mr. Ridder
M -  Lesson 9-1 skills practice
T -   Lesson 9-1 homework practice
W-   No homework
TH -  Lesson 9-2 skills practice
F -   No school

Math P2/3 - Mr. Ridder
M -  No homework
T -   Lesson 7-3 skills practice and 7-3 problem solving practice
W-   Lesson 7-4 homework practice
TH -  No homework
F -   No school

Math P4 - Mr. Ridder
M -  Book problems 5-8
T -   No homework
W-   Lesson 5-9 skills practice due Monday (study for tomorrow's quiz)
TH -  Quiz 5-5 through 5-8 today
F -   No school

M - Changing Speed & Direction HW: Motion Graph Practice Worksheet
TFriction & Motion Practice Activities HW: Study Guide (DUE THURSDAY)
WForces & Motion Practice Activities
TH - Forces & Motion Review Day
F -  Forces & Motion Quiz

Social Studies - Mr. Van Der Bill
M - Uncle Tom's Cabin
T - Bleeding Kansas
W - Dredd Scott
TH - John Brown 
F -  No School!

On Saturday, April 29 at the Glen Ellyn Historical Center there will be a presenter who is an expert on Laura Ingalls Wilder. If you have ever read the "Little House on the Prairie" books or watched the show, this could be a great presentation to go and see! It ties into our Westward Expansion unit that we just finished and tells the history of our very own region!
Check this link for more information.

Literacy - Ms. Strauss/Mr. Schutte

M -Rikki Tikki Tavi questions and textual evidence

T - Write your own!

W - Write your own! due

TH - Rikki Tikki Tavi

F - No School

- Ms. VanDenBerg
M - Mavis Beacon
T - Mavis Beacon
W - Mavis Beacon
TH - Mavis Beacon
F - Computer Activity

Choir - Mrs. DeJager



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