Welcome to the 8th Grade website!  Below you can find some general announcements and the weekly homework!  On the left side of the page you can find a link to the general 8th Grade calendar as well as links to your individual class pages, which provide additional resources.

General Announcements

Advance Notice:  Grandparents Day is MAY 5

 Week Of: March 20, 2017
BibleMr. Wiener/Mrs. Sytsma - updated 3/20/2017

Click here for what we did in chapel recently (includes photos & video): Chapel Blog website       

M: Epistle Project intro (an in-class project)
T: Epistle Project intro (an in-class project)
W: Epistle research
Th: Epistle research
F: Memory Quiz (M/W): no quiz today (& new theme verse: Hebrews 12:1-2a)


Language ArtsMr. Schutte - updated 3/20/2017

M -Presentations; Young Authors

        H/W - None

T -Argument/Information Preassessment

        H/W -Vocabulary (Wordly Wise-2 Vocabulary for Achievement-26)

W - Correct vocabulary; Basics of an argument

        H/W-Book talk sheets and questions 

TH -Library Time and book talks

        H/W - Vocabulary Test

F - Vocabulary Test; Preassessment critiques

H/W - None

Vocabulary Links:
Links for Quizlet to review Vocabulary
Vocabulary for Achievement: https://quizlet.com/class/1781974/

Honors Algebra Miss VanDenBerg - Updated 3/20/17

Monday - HW: Color by Number WS / Study (Extra Word Problems SOLUTIONS)

Tuesday - Ch8 Std3 Solving QUEST - No homework

Wednesday - 9.1 Parabolas - HW: 9.1 WS

Thursday - 9.2 Roots of Parabolas - HW: 9.2 WS

Friday - No homework

Algebra Miss VanDenBerg - Updated 3/20/17

Monday HW: 8.8 Worksheet

Tuesday - HW: 8.9 Worksheet

Wednesday - HW: Factoring Review WS (Solutions)

Thursday - Ch8 Std2 Factoring QUIZ

Friday - No homework

Bridge MathMiss VanDenBerg - Updated 3/20/17

Monday - HW: Elimination #1

Tuesday - HW: Elimination #2

Wednesday - HW: Elimination #3

Thursday - HW: Elimination Review WS

Friday - Elimination QUIZ

ScienceMr. Fernandes - Updated 3/20/2017    
Current Unit: Reproduction and Development

M: Intro. to Growth and Development

 -HW: None (Quiz Thursday)

T: Growth and Development Continued

    -HW: None

W: First year of Infancy/ Review Day

  -HW: Quiz Tomorrow!

Th: Reproduction Quiz

  -HW: None

F: Introduction to weather unit

  -HW: None

Email me at Fernandes@timothychristian.com


Computer Applications - Mr. Fernandes

Most assignments will be completed in class.  However, the assignments to be completed outside of class will be specifically noted by Mr. Fernandes.


Social StudiesMrs. Sytsma - updated 3/20/2017

Monday -  Finish up notes and re-teaching activity for Chapter 14, section one

Tuesday - Introduce the project and start The Korean War - section two

Wednesday - The Korean War - pages 393 - 396

Thursday -  McCarthy and Communism 

Friday -Research Day for the Topic Cube


Read about the persecuted church---


Junior scholastic Magazine = www.scholastic.com/js

          Password is Begenerous2

A great website to practice the states and capitals is:


Email me at sytsma@timothychristian.com

Literacy Block - Mr. Schutte and Mrs. Sytsma. updated 3/20/17

T: Research Ethics Topic

HW: Research due Thursday

Th: Research Ethics Topic

HW: None

Email me at schutte@timothychristian.com

Spanish Mrs. DeBoer  --updated for the week of 03/20/16 

Para lunes (due M ):    5.2 pp. Casa Project Due
Para martes (due T):  5.2 pp. 5 & 6
Para miercóles (due W):   5.2 p. 2
Para jueves (due Th): 5.2 Conjugation/Infinitive Wkst
Para viernes (due F):  5.2 pp. 12 & 13
Para lunes (Due Monday):  after break -- no homework but a vocab quiz on Wednesday, April 5
Check out the website on the 8th Grade Home page, Spanish section.  You can access an on-line review at classzone.com.

- Mrs. DeJager  

Email me at dejager@timothychristian.com

Drama - 

Quizlet for Vocab Terms

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