Welcome to the 8th Grade website!  Below you can find some general announcements and the weekly homework!  On the left side of the page you can find a link to the general 8th Grade calendar as well as links to your individual class pages, which provide additional resources.

General Announcements

Schedule for the next 2 weeks:
Friday, May 19 - Field Day
Tuesday, May 23 - Algebra and Spanish exams
Wednesday, May 24 - Six Flags field trip
Thursday, May 25 - Graduation  - half day of school for the 8th grade only

 Week Of: May 15, 2017
BibleMr. Wiener/Mrs. Sytsma - updated 8/16/2017
Click here for what we did in chapel recently (includes photos & video): Chapel Blog website       
M: Remember to read the Bible & pray everyday this summer!
T: Remember to read the Bible & pray everyday this summer!
F: Memory Quiz (M/W): all done!

Language ArtsMr. Schutte - updated 8/16/2017

M -No School

        H/W - None

T -No School

        H/W -None

W - Welcome back! Class and teacher introductions


TH -Get to Know You Activity

        H/W - None

F - Get to Know You Activity

H/W - None

Vocabulary Links:
Links for Quizlet to review Vocabulary
Vocabulary for Achievement: https://quizlet.com/class/1781974/

Honors Algebra Miss VanDenBerg - Updated 5/15/17

Monday - 11.3 Rational Expressions - HW: Ch11 Packet (Simplify and Multiply)

Tuesday - 11.4 Rational Expressions - HW: Ch11 Packet (Divide)

Wednesday - CH11 Review - HW: Ch11 Review WS (in exam packet)

Thursday - Ch11 Rational Expressions QUIZ - HW: STUDY FOR EXAM

Friday - HW: Study for exam!

Exam Review Packet - SOLUTIONS 

Algebra Miss VanDenBerg - Updated 5/15/17

Monday - 10.5 Pythagorean Theorem - HW: 10.5 WS

Tuesday - Ch10 Review - HW: Ch10 Review WS (in exam packet)

Wednesday - Ch10 Radicals QUEST - HW: Study for exam

Thursday - HW: Study for exam

Friday - HW: Study for exam

Exam Review Packet - SOLUTIONS 

Bridge MathMiss VanDenBerg - Updated 5/15/17

Monday - Solving Quadratics HW: Solving by Factoring WS

Tuesday Solving Quadratics HW: Solving by Factoring WS #2

Wednesday -Solving Quadratics- HW: Solve using the Quadratic Formula

Thursday - Solving Quadratics- HW: Quadratic Formula WS #2

Friday - Solving Quadratics- No homework

Quadratics TEST next Monday

ScienceMr. Fernandes - Updated 5/15/2017    

Current Unit: Mouse Trap Cars Engineering Unit!

M: Mouse Trap Car Work Day

 -HW: None

T: Official Test Day #1 / Mouse Trap Car Work Day

    -HW: None

W: Official Test Day #2 / Work Day

  -HW: None

Th: Official Test Day #3 / Work Day

  -HW: None

F: Report and Presentation Work Day

  -HW: Presentation and Final Report due Monday!!

Email me at Fernandes@timothychristian.com


Computer Applications - Mr. Fernandes

Most assignments will be completed in class.  However, the assignments to be completed outside of class will be specifically noted by Mr. Fernandes.


Social StudiesMrs. Sytsma - updated 5/15/2017

Monday -  Protesting the War

Tuesday -  What was the effect of the Vietnam War?   Small group activity     

Wednesday - Vietnam Wall in Washington DC

                        Vietnam Research Project  - DUE TODAY!

Thursday -  Nixon and Watergate

Friday -Presidents in review

Read about the persecuted church---


Junior scholastic Magazine = www.scholastic.com/js

          Password is Begenerous2

A great website to practice the states and capitals is:


Email me at sytsma@timothychristian.com

Literacy Block - Mr. Schutte and Ms. Strauss updated 8/16/17

T:  No School

HW: None

Th: Class Introduction

HW: None


Email me at schutte@timothychristian.com

Spanish Mrs. DeBoer  --updated for the week of 08/16/17

Due Monday:  

Due Tuesday:

Due Wednesday: first day

Due Thursday: signed Intro to Spanish 

Due Friday: Flashcards

Due Next Monday: 2nd set of flashcards and packet p. 5

Check out the website on the 8th Grade Home page, Spanish section.  You can access an on-line review at classzone.com.
Choir - Mrs. DeJager  
Drama - 

Quizlet for Vocab Terms

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