Welcome to the 8th Grade website!  Below you can find some general announcements and the weekly homework!  On the left side of the page you can find a link to the general 8th Grade calendar as well as links to your individual class pages, which provide additional resources.

General Announcements

HIGH SCHOOL REGISTRATION: As a follow-up to Tuesday's high school electives assembly, 8th grade parents and students are strongly encouraged to attend the February 15 "8th Grade/HS Registration Information Night" starting at 7:30 PM in the high school auditorium. See more info here:  https://drive.google.com/a/timothychristian.com/file/d/0B2Pl0pyqUkrRbGFLOTNQMGFXaHRra2R2MGlkMDI5Sk1SMDAw/view?usp=sharing
After lunch on February 27, 8th graders will register online in PowerSchool in the middle school. They will receive guidance from their 8th grade teachers, high school counselors, and our technology director. Students will use a parent-signed registration form that parents will receive during the February 15 meeting and send with their child to school, so all parents will be involved in the process also.

**Reminder: Holocaust Museum field trip this Friday, February 17. Please make sure 8th grade students bring a sack lunch.

Advance Notice:  Grandparents Day is MAY 5

Play practice:  Here is the link to check out our practice schedule :


 Week Of: February 13, 2017
BibleMr. Wiener/Mrs. Sytsma - updated 2/13/2017

Click here for what we did in chapel recently (includes photos & video): Chapel Blog website       

M: Review for Revelation test
T: Review for Revelation test 
W: Revelation Test
Th: Revelation Test
F: Memory Quiz (M/W): Romans 8:38-39 & new theme verse: Hebrews 12:1-2a
    We will be back in time to take the quiz so study!!!


Language ArtsMr. Schutte - updated 2/13/2017

M -Grammar; "Prometheus"

        H/W - None

T -"Jason and the Argonauts"; Greek Culture writing

        H/W -Vocabulary (Wordly Wise-17 Vocabulary for Achievement-21)

W - Correct vocabulary; Grammar quiz; Native American myths introduction

        H/W-Vocabulary Quiz Thursday

TH - Vocabulary Quiz; Library Day

        H/W - None

F - Holocaust Museum

H/W - None

Vocabulary Links:
Links for Quizlet to review Vocabulary
Vocabulary for Achievement: https://quizlet.com/class/1781974/

Honors Algebra Miss VanDenBerg - Updated 2/15/17

Monday - 8.1 Polynomials - HW: pg 468 #1-18 all

Tuesday - Problem Solving - No homework

Wednesday - 8.2 Polynomials - HW: pg 474 #1-17 all

Thursday - 8.1-8.2 Review - HW: 8.1-8.2 Skills Practice

Friday - Field Trip

Algebra Miss VanDenBerg - Updated 2/15/17

Monday - Exponents QUIZHW: pg. 417 #20-33

Tuesday - Computation Day - HW: Finish decimals WS

Wednesday - 7.4 Scientific Notation - HW: pg. 418 #36-53

Thursday - 7.5 Exponential Functions - No homework

Friday - Field Trip

Bridge MathMiss VanDenBerg - Updated 2/15/17

Monday - HW: Finish decimals/fractions WS

Tuesday - No homework

Wednesday - HW: Slope-Intercept Form WS

Thursday - HW: Converting to Slope-Intercept Form WS

Friday Field Trip

ScienceMr. Fernandes - Updated 2/20/2017    
Current Unit: Cells and Systems

M: No School

 -HW: None

T: How do My Systems keep up the Pace?

    -HW: None

W: Connecting all the Systems (so far)

  -HW: Scientific Explanation due Friday

Th: Scientific Explanation Work/What Controls the Systems?

  -HW: None

F: What Controls the Systems? Cont.

  -HW: Reading 10.1 due Monday

Email me at Fernandes@timothychristian.com


Computer Applications - Mr. Fernandes

Most assignments will be completed in class.  However, the assignments to be completed outside of class will be specifically noted by Mr. Fernandes.


Social StudiesMrs. Sytsma - updated 2/13/2017

Monday - Pearl Harbor

                   Map WS due TODAY

Tuesday - War in Europe      

Wednesday - Holocaust

                  Junior Scholastic due today

Thursday - Holocaust

Friday - Field trip to the Holocaust Museum

Read about the persecuted church---


Junior scholastic Magazine = www.scholastic.com/js

          Password is Begenerous2

A great website to practice the states and capitals is:


Email me at sytsma@timothychristian.com

Literacy Block - Mr. Schutte and Mrs. Sytsma. updated 2/13/17

T: "The Giver" Chapter 14-18; Theme discussion

HW: None

Th: "The Giver" Chapter 19-24

HW: None

Email me at schutte@timothychristian.com

Spanish Mrs. DeBoer  --updated for the week of 02/13/16 

Para lunes (due M ):  nada
Para martes (due T): 4.2 p. 2
Para miercóles (due W):   4.2 pp. 5&6
Para jueves (due Th): 4.2 10 & 17
Para viernes (due F):  field trip
Para lunes (Due Monday): 4.2 11 & 18
Check out the website on the 8th Grade Home page, Spanish section.  You can access an on-line review at classzone.com.

- Mrs. DeJager  

Email me at dejager@timothychristian.com

Drama - 

Quizlet for Vocab Terms

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