Welcome to the 8th Grade website!  Below you can find some general announcements and the weekly homework!  On the left side of the page you can find a link to the general 8th Grade calendar as well as links to your individual class pages, which provide additional resources.

General Announcements
The math exam will be on Wednesday, December 13 from 8:30-10:00 am. 
For students in SPANISH: The Spanish exam will be on Thursday, December 14 from 8:15-9:45 am. 
Please make sure students arrive on time and well-rested.
2. Bowling Christmas party
The 8th graders are heading to Fox Bowl the morning of 
Friday, December 15.

 Week Of: December 4, 2017
BibleMr. Wiener/Mrs. Sytsma - updated 12/11/2017
Click here for what we did in chapel recently (includes photos & video): Chapel Blog website       
M: Going over the Acts Test (extra credit available to improve test grade; due Wednesday)
T: Going over the Acts Test (extra credit available to improve test grade; due Thursday)
W: Peter, Paul, Timothy activity
Th: Peter, Paul, Timothy activity
F: No class

Language ArtsMr. Schutte - updated 12/4/2017

M -Section 1 Discussion; Read Section 2 in Night

        H/W -Reading questions and foreshadowing activity

T -Check HW; Grammar; MTSS

        H/W -Vocabulary 

W -Vocabulary due; Section 2 Discussion; Start Section 3 in Night

        H/W-Grammar Quiz

TH -Grammar Quiz; MTSS Reading Groups

        H/W - Vocabulary Quiz

F - Vocabulary Quiz; Finish Section 3 in Night

H/W -  Section 3 Questions and Ethics Worksheet

Vocabulary Links:
Links for Quizlet to review Vocabulary
Vocabulary for Achievement: https://quizlet.com/class/1781974/

Honors Algebra Miss VanDenBerg - Updated 12/4/17

Monday - Ch5 Review - HW: Ch5 and 6.6 Review (SOLUTIONS)

Tuesday - Chapter 5 & 6.6 TEST - No homework

Wednesday - 6.1 Graphing Systems - HW: 6.1 WS

Thursday - Activity - HW: Study for Exam!

Friday - HW: Study for Exam!

*ANSWERS to the Exam Review*

Algebra Miss VanDenBerg - Updated 12/4/17

Monday - 6.6 Graphing Inequalities - HW: 6.6 WS

Tuesday - Ch5 Review - HW: Ch5 and 6.6 Review (SOLUTIONS)

Wednesday - HW: Study for test

Thursday Chapter 5 & 6.6 TEST - HW: Study for Exam!

Friday HW: Study for Exam!

*ANSWERS to the Exam Review*

Bridge MathMiss VanDenBerg - Updated 12/4/17

Monday - Inequalities Review - HW: Compound Exit Slip

Tuesday Inequalities Review - HW: Inequalities Review WS

Wednesday - Inequalities TEST - No homework

Thursday - Amusement Park Project - No homework

Friday - Amusement Park Project - No homework

*Amusement Park Project due Wednesday, December 13*

ScienceMr. Fernandes - Updated 12/4/2017 

Current Unit: Genetics and Heredity

M: Gene Expression

 -HW: None

T: Mutations

    -HW: None 

W: Genetic Disorder Research Workday

  -HW: Genetic Disorder Research due Friday if not done in class

Th: Nature vs. Nurture

  -HW: None

F: Nature vs. Nurture / Review Day

  -HW: Genetics Quiz Tuesday

Email me at Fernandes@timothychristian.com


Computer Applications - Mr. Fernandes

Most assignments will be completed in class.  However, the assignments to be completed outside of class will be specifically noted by Mr. Fernandes.


Social StudiesMrs. Sytsma - updated 12/4/2017

Monday - Doughboys go "over there"

Tuesday - Life on the Homefront

Wednesday -  Propaganda

Thursday -  Intolerance and the Sedition Acts

Friday-  The Fight and Victory for the Allies


Junior scholastic Magazine = www.scholastic.com/js

          Password is Getrooted2

A great website to practice the states and capitals is:


Email me at sytsma@timothychristian.com

Literacy Block - Mr. Schutte and Mrs. Sytsma updated 12/4/17

T: "The Giver" Ethics Project Presentations

HW: None

Th: "The Giver" Ethics Project Presentations

HW: None


Email me at schutte@timothychristian.com

Spanish Mrs. DeBoer  --updated for the week of 12/11/17 

Due Monday: Exam Packet LP and 1.1 pages.  Finish Exam Review Packet pages 1-3.  Also complete your Grade Sheet  sections LP and 1.1 (take the self check quizzes, do a conjugemos, and highlight the vocab your sheets)  Write your scores down for the self check quizzes and conjugemos on the Grade Sheet.

T: Exam Packet 1.2&2.1 -- Exam Packet and Grade Sheet
W: Exam Packet 2.2 &3.1 -- Exam Packet and Grade Sheet
TH:  EXAM!!!

Check out the website on the 8th Grade Home page, Spanish section.  You can access an on-line review at classzone.com.
Choir - Mrs. DeJager  
Drama - 

Quizlet for Vocab Terms

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